Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Zoo = A Place to Ride a Choo-Choo

A couple of weeks ago we took our first trip to the zoo.  It was very exciting.  The main thing that made it exciting had nothing to do with animals.  The Choo-Choo was there.  Oh my.  

  There were a lot of school groups there, which was pretty unfortunate – but it was still great.  James did not care AT ALL about any of the animals.  I think he was just confused.  Like, why in the world aren’t we going in there???  So, we would come up to the tigers and they would be really far away and we would be right at the wooden fence, and say, “Do you see those tigers??  See??”  Pointing, pointing, pointing (Me pointing).  Then James just kept saying, “Please? Please,” which I finally figured out meant he just wanted to go in there.  I thought the funniest thing though – and clear indication he could not see the animals all that great – was at the monkeys.  I was trying to point to the monkeys to show him where they were far away, and then he starts yelling, “Where are you monkeys” – which sounds like “WEEE OHHHHHH Moneys???”  At home when we can’t find stuff – like Thomas or like his drink, then I guess I must say that – so James has picked up on it and says all the time, Where are you _____ (whatever we are looking for).  And, from the time we got out of the car, he was asking about that little train.  We did ride it and it was the highlight for him, for sure.  We rode the carousel – which he didn’t like at first, but I hoisted my behind up on the animal with him finally and he felt better about that.  I didn’t, but he did.  I kept thinking…will this hold both of our weight?? He also loved the petting zoo.  All they had in there were goats…he kept saying “Hello Go”  Hello go.  It was really funny.  He didn’t take a nap on the way home either.  We ate at OK Café for lunch – AWESOME!!!!

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