Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just to Laugh and Breathe

Man, adult world is pretty difficult most days.  You are thinking about bills, responsibilities, what's coming next week...what's coming in 20 years, relationships, etc.  (and trust me, I could go on).  We had seen Jake Gulledge at Timothy Barnabas (a pastors and wives conference we went to that Pastor Johnny and Ms. Janet lead) this past year.  We booked him to come to Bethabra and help us just have a night off - a night to just laugh and be who we are.  It was fantastic.  We had several guests and a great crowd.  It felt great to just sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh...and hear how God has changed Jake's life.  Afterward, I loved getting to chat and get to know some families better that I feel like I don't know all that well yet.  So thankful for sweet newer families like the Gebhard's, the Hurst's, the Seamon's...
I have been trying to write this post while James is "working" on his laptop.  He keeps pushing the music button and getting in my face asking, "What's that song???"  "What's that song?"  Over and over.  Not sure if what I've said above makes any sense or not.
It's Sunday morning as I write this, and we will get ready for church (James and me...Lan is already gone) in just a few minutes.  I pray, pray, pray that something crazy awesome will happen this morning.  Oh, my heart just pours out before the Lord to change me today - and to do such a great work that my jaw drops in amazement and I can't believe it.  Even just last night I felt like He did a work in me about someone my heart had been kind of hardened about.  There's no where else I want to be today!!  Gotta go sing some more songs...

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