Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

I wish I could drink coffee every day of my life....sort of. I ride in a carpool, and almost every morning, we stop for coffee. We usually stop at Dunkin Donuts (because it's cheaper) rather than Starbucks. I don't get anything most of the time, but I have my carpool ladies' order down. The speaker says, "Welcome to Dunkin Donuts. How can I help you?"

I say, "Yes, I would like two medium hazelnut iced coffees, with cream and one splenda, and that's all."

This is the normal routine every day. Somehow, these ladies have cash almost every single day. It's a good thing I do not participate in this coffee buying every morning since I never carry any cash. Anytime I want to get something to drink, we have to go inside rather than going through the drive through. I probably get something once every two weeks or so. I always get a medium hot coffee, french vanilla, with cream and sugar. I have to get a medium because if you get a small, they put this really dumb flimsy top on the cup - but if you get a medium, you get the serious top that has the fold back piece - it's a lot more substantial and worth the extra money to me. I do not get the coffee every day mainly because I have problems with the caffeine making my heart palpitate. Yesterday, when I got coffee, I brought my blood pressure medicine to work with me so I could be ready to take it :) But, you know, if you work, and especially if you have to go to work at 7am, like me, there is something about holding that styrofoam cup of goodness in your hand as you begin going through emails and starting your day.

Landon is off today and is having breakfast at Cracker Barrel with a good friend and lunch with someone too! I will be working... :) But, tomorrow's Friday!!! And then...the weekend!

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  1. wouldnt survive without it. now- you can pay with a debit card at the drive through you know. you dont have to pay with cash do you?