Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DVD Burners and the Mystery Machine

Okay, so my parents have a DVD burner - the kind that you can pop in a VHS tape (haha, I just accidentally typed CHS, like my high school) and then burn that tape onto a DVD. Well, since my friend Malissa is getting married in December, I wanted to show her our wedding video. Our copy was lost in the hurricane, so I wanted to burn my parents' copy on a DVD this weekend for us. Uh, not so much luck. Landon has used that machine before, but for some reason it would NOT work. They tried for at least an would not work! So...we brought the video back with us to see if we could find someone here to put it on DVD for us. I thought this picture was so funny though - Landon and Daddy in the floor - the smartest men in my life - who I always can count on to figure out ANYTHING - but they could not get that thing figured out...oh, and by the way, Daddy, could you please get up and get us.....?????? I felt like every 5 seconds Daddy was having to get up and get something else for us -that poor man didn't get to rest at all while we were home....I'll let you know the DVD burning progress...

I will now discuss the Mystery Machine. So, Landon and I are driving back from home this weekend, and we stop at a gas station. Landon is about to get out to pump the gas, and I look over and say, "Look, there's a van over there that looks like the Mystery Machine." Well, it looked like the Mystery Machine because it WAS the Mystery Machine. There is actually a van that is just like the Mystery Machine off of Scooby Doo. I loved Scooby Doo when I was a kid. I remember it came on really early on Saturday mornings for a while - I think like around 5:30am or so - and momma would wake me up and then go back to bed so I could get up and watch it - isn't that crazy??? I don't know of anything (hardly) that is worth getting up so early....I mean, except getting up for work, that is (HA - not so much worth it, but no choice there!). Anyway, I was very entertained by the Mystery Machine - I tried to get a good picture, but there was a weird car in the way that would never pull in to a parking place (why, I do not know), and I didn't turn on the flash because um, it could be some creepy jokers who actually drive a Mystery Machine van - or it might be really super nice people, you just never know about these things...especially being from out of town. Alright, alright, enough it is:

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  1. I have to say I don't think I have ever seen our Dad lay in the floor like that! I do regret not coming home last weekend to be there for this craziness, but you know, hindsight!