Monday, May 11, 2009

My Momma!

Happy Mother's Day!!!
I love my momma! I meant to do this yesterday but didn't have time! Happy Mother's Day to all moms :)
We weren't able to be home this year for Mother's Day to be with our moms, but we miss both of our moms and love them very much!!!
One of my favorite things about my momma is knowing she loves me for ME. I remember when we went to do a high ropes course one time and had to climb up a totem pole and then jump way up high in the air for the trapeze bar. When it was my turn, I was so afraid - I am no risk taker, you know. Well, I got near the top of the pole and was too afraid to go to the top. People were yelling at me to do it, just do it, and then here's my mom's voice, "It's okay; you can get down! Just get down!!!" She is like the greatest supporter I could ever imagine having - she loves who I love and is interested in what I'm interested in. And, I know she prays for me. She's somebody who if I ask her to pray for something - or if she tells me she's praying for something - I KNOW she is. There's no doubt in my mind. I also love the example of a wife she's been to me with daddy. I never doubt her love and support and complete loyalty to him - I know they are a team, and that's a really awesome example to have. THANKS MOMMA - I LOVE YOU!!!!!

(Momma, Krista, and Bethany last Christmas)

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  1. What a joy to open your blog on my relaxing Saturday morning :) and read this loving, eloquent tribute --devoted to Mother's Day! Thank you! It is, however, far more gracious than I deserve and encourages me to be a better mother! Any truth in it is attributed to both my own mother Edna Lester Freiberg, in whom I have observed these same traits through the years, and in the Lord's guidance. These pictures warm my heart and make me smile! Thank you, my precious Bethany, for this beautiful Mother's Day gift.