Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Update

Even though I just started writing this update, I'm sure it will be long since I haven't written in about a week now! We had a great time on vacation, but I'm always torn to come back. On one hand, vacation is great, and who doesn't like to sit and read Nicholas Sparks books on the beach or take naps on the couch in the middle of the afternoon? On the other hand, there is something about a routine that you cannot beat. I love routines. I love knowing what will happen each weeknight, what we're doing, when we'll go to bed, etc. I don't know why - part of my OCD, I guess, but I really miss this when we're on vacation, and by the time we come home, I'm starting to feel wacked out because of no routine. Routines make me feel safe.

We did have a great time on vacation though. We did tons of stuff - went to the alligator farm, went to Disney, spent time at the beach, took our trolley tours, watched Tiger Woods like 5 feet from us practicing for the golf thing, etc., etc., etc. We did lots of stuff - and rested, too. Here are some pictures:

Me feeding fish at Santa Maria...

Landon reading his Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers "textbook" (it was so crazy thick and big like a textbook!):
Tiger Woods...up close and personal at Sawgrass practicing for the TPC (yikes, I hope I said that right!)...and ya'll, I will say more later about how I had to get up at 5:45 am that morning to go with Landon to this golf course - then they wouldn't let me bring in my purse (which ended up being good) and then I had worn flip flops and then I had to traipse all over kingdom come to find Tiger and then we had to hurry and follow him everywhere - I had mud all over the backs of my logs and my flip flops are discolored from all the dew/sprinkler situations that morning. But, if was I'm glad we went :)...

Our lovely accommodations for the luxury hotel, but hey, right on the beach - it was great...

Me the first night at dinner - we had the greatest'll see in the next picture, right on the intercoastal waterway - Malissa, I thought of you because we sat outside to eat so much! Our first night of MANY nights of eating shrimp - I cannot look at shrimp for a long while!

Oh! Lan at the alligator farm - this was such a cool place!

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