Friday, July 24, 2009

Pictures Post

I have not much talking to do today (yeah right, you say...). Today is Show Us Your Wedding Dress Day on Kelly's Korner, so I only have one picture scanned in but wanted to show it...I loved my dress, and if I had to choose over again, I'm 99% sure I'd choose the same...(do you think I'm going to say groom???)...DRESS! I'm 100% I'd choose the same groom again...even though we know each other VERY well after 6 years of marriage. We just celebrated our 6th anniversary on July 19th...
Because both mine and Landon's birthdays are in July, we went home to celebrate with our families this past weekend. Below are some pictures from my parents' house:
Momma made Dirt Cake and a Hummingbird cake - both great! Landon's mom made a German chocolate cake, and it was awesome too - just don't have a picture of it! Not as much picture taking goes on at Landon's house as it does at my parents' house :)
Here we are with our presents!
Since my birthday was yesterday, the 23rd, all the pictures below are things my friends did for me. My friends Bonnie and Malissa bought this market basket below for my birthday present - I LOVE IT!!! Bonnie got one for her daughter, and when I saw it, I wanted one so bad!!! Landon told me I should think about whether or not it was something absolutely necessary, and even though I said it was...I didn't have to buy it because they bought it for me! I can't wait to carry it around in Publix - it is super cute...uh, did you notice it has my NAME ON IT???
For lunch (picture below) we went to a place in downtown Roswell called Party Chic. We sat out on this great balcony (even though it was humid and making my hair big). The balcony overlooks the little downtown street - it was so fun. I had Quiche Lorraine and a salad (p.s. - I do not care for goat cheese).
Here are the three of us after lunch sitting on a swing on the balcony - I am not pleased that the nice person who took this picture did not hold his arms still and it's blurry! Yuck!
Then, because it was right across the street, we went in a little gift shop and found lots of fun things. Malissa and I tried on these funny glasses - how do you think we look??
Finally, after work and going home to fun balloons and a card from Landon, we went out to dinner with Eric and Kelli (hello, Kelli's birthday is my same birthday!!) and went to see Smoke on the Mountain at the Theatre in Marietta Square. It was a very fun day! Here we are below eating at the Marietta Pizza Co. Someone should be proud because I ate outside twice in one day! That is a record for me. So, that's it! I had a great birthday! I am ready for the weekend though because I am exhausted - it's been a busy week!! Have you ever read the book When Crickets Cry? I'm trying to finish it this weekend - oh yeah, and I'm going to paint the bathroom...oooh, I'll try to get some before and after pictures so you can see!

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  1. Great looking glasses! They are so attractive on both of you! BD