Friday, July 31, 2009

Costco = The Perfect Date

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE Costco. I started going to Costco when I first started working for RB&Co., almost 3 years ago. Then, after getting my own Costco card through work, I introduced Landon to the excitement of this perfect store. People make fun of us for going there on dates. It's a perfect date place - cheap food and lots to look at! We even went to Costco with Eric and Kelli on a double date a while back! I will split this blog entry into two is PURCHASING and the other is EATING.
What do we purchase at Costco, you ask? We do not have a large family (obviously). When we first started going, we wrote down bunches of different things, how much was in the package, etc., and compared it with Wal Mart and Publix prices. Costco was cheaper on all of the items. As a general rule, we buy toilet paper (only Charmin for me :), dishwasher detergent, paper towels, Landon's deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and lotion for me. One thing that has been an issue for me there is bar soap. I have already discussed a few posts ago how I must use bar soap. I love Dial and that's what I want to use, but they don't have it. So...right now in our shower is Dial (that I purchased from Sam's) and Irish Spring (that Landon is using). I always like to check out the clothing - sometimes they have great clothes for great deals. You do have to watch the quality, but usually, you definitely are getting at least what you pay for. Costco is also a great place to buy home stuff - but it's very hit or miss. And, let me tell you, if you see something you like, you better BUY IT week if you may be gone. This happened to me with a patio set I really wanted. It almost happened to me with lamps for our bedroom, but Bonnie got those for me at another Costco. I have bought lamps, rugs, and big candlesticks to go in front of the fireplace there. The best place to shop at Costco is the aisle right when you walk in the door - that's where they usually put all the fun new things they have gotten in. We have bought SO MANY Christmas gifts from Costco, it's ridiculous. They just have great seasonal merchandise. The aisles that are the best are the ones between the clothes and the food. That's the ones they change out really often. And, everything is GREAT QUALITY. I think that's about it - we usually do not buy food there, because it's just so much, but we have bought granola bars for Landon a time or two....alright...on to EATING...
Now, we can do some serious eating at Costco. I love to get a slice of pizza there. While they do not have pizza and a coke in a combo (like they do the hot dog), it is still a great deal. You get a large piece of pizza for like $2.00 and a coke for like $.65. Where could you beat that? And, the pizza is great (although I do think Sam's pizza gives them a run for their money). I ALWAYS get pizza (pepperoni or cheese).
Landon, on the other hand, gets some different things. Most of the time he gets a hot dog and a coke - this is like $1.64 or so. The hot dogs are great (not good hot dogs at Sam's - to me, anyway). But, they do not have mayonnaise at Costco (I know, we put mayonnaise on hot dogs and that's weird). So, if we are going that night to Costco, Landon has to either bring some mayo in a ziploc from home and then I carry it in my purse, or we'll go by Chick-fil-A and get a couple packets to take. That's a little inconvenient, but it doesn't stop us. Landon doesn't always get the same thing though - he sometimes will get a chicken bake, or a twisted churro.
And, they have desserts. My favorite dessert is the hand dipped ice cream bar. They can put nuts on it, if you like, but I don't like nuts. They take a HUGE vanilla ice cream bar and dip it down in a huge crockpot thing of creamy thick chocolate. Then, they put it in a wax paper holder so it can have a minute to dry. Ya'll, it is to die for. One of my co-workers was saying that no one could ever eat one of those by themselves...uh, sorry, I can - and usually do when I get them. I don't think I realized (until he said that) there were people who DIDN'T eat all of it. There might have been one time I didn't eat the whole thing (but I think that was because I was laughing so hard at the mad libs Eric and Kelli and Landon and I were doing). It is AWESOME.
That's pretty much all I have to share about Costco. We'll be eating there on Saturday evening with Eric and Kelli before going to see a movie. Hope you have a great weekend! Sorry for no posts...remember...I'm a maniac at work right now!

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  1. Excellent photography!

    My roommates and I will, on occasion, hit SAM'S Club and COSTCO to enjoy, what we refer to as, "free sample lunch".

    I feel poor now. :) [Chicks love smiley faces]