Friday, July 3, 2009

Surgery, Panicking, and Kindergarten Memories

Yikes, it's been a busy week! My work is getting busier and busier, with my co-worker, Mandy, preparing to go on maternity leave. I feel like I never have a second of rest! Also, this week, Daddy had surgery to fix his bulging disc. My parents were great about telling me I didn't have to come home for the surgery. I just really wanted to though, and since it worked out that we could come, I decided to go for it. So, we drove home after work on Monday afternoon, and then we drove back after the surgery was over on Tuesday afternoon. It's been a crazy week! I'm thankful for some rest this weekend. The surgery went well on Tuesday. I just have to tell you that I am the panic-er in the family. Several times I have completely panicked in situations, and the stories are still told. One time, about 10 years ago, Daddy had to have double hernia surgery. They had him in the recovery room after the surgery was over, and I got to go in and see him. He was in a lot of pain. It's really weird and hard to see your parents in pain like that. I am so used to seeing them as "larger than life" sort of, always healthy, nothing will ever happen to them, etc. So, seeing Dad in that room moaning and in so much pain - uh, sent me into a tailspin. I walked outside of the room, and my grandparents were standing there nonchalantly talking to the hospital administrator (recall, we are from a small town). I basically yell at them, "Someone needs to get in there and help my dad!!! Somebody needs to get in there now and help my dad!!!!" Another time, I had a very small car accident, and it happened to be right in front of Wise Equipment (the family business). At the time, I didn't know the rule about how you shouldn't move your car from the scene, so I just pulled into Wise Equipment. Well, this was the first accident I'd ever had, and I walked in Wise Equipment (where customers were all around) and drop my keys on the ground inside the door and crumple to the ground, basically sobbing and totally losing it. So...Dad's like, "Excuse me for a moment," to his customer (who happened to be Coach Douglas from my elementary school). He says he thought 19 people must be dead outside, when really, I'd basically had a little fender bender. I am just a panic-er. I don't mean to be - it just happens. So, getting ready to go home for this surgery (about 10 years later), I really prayed about being calm. Hello - no one wants a panic-er around, you know? I did pretty well, I must say. I still felt a little anxious, but I didn't panic! Or make a scene! Before I left to head back to Atlanta, I was telling Daddy bye, and he said (in a groggy, still waking up from anesthesia voice), "Hey, you didn't panic today. I feel like you might not love me quite as much." Uh, he was just kidding of course. I quickly let him know that if panicking had been warranted today, you do not worry, I would have taken care of it. So, that was a success for me. I am calm, cool, and collected...

While we were waiting at the hospital, we saw several people we knew (shock). I saw my friend George who I worked with at the GAP in college. We saw some friends who came to visit us while Daddy was in surgery. And then, we're all sitting there talking, and some new people come into the surgery waiting room. Momma is really watching them, and I can tell she is figuring out who they are. I have no clue who they are. So then, Momma gets up and goes over to talk to them. She heads over to me with the lady, who I do think looks pretty familiar, and says, "Bethany, don't you remember - this is Mrs. Rhoades, your kindergarten teacher!" Oh my word, it was her! She looked a lot different (uh, it has been 23 years, ha ha!) because she used to have longer darker curly hair...and when you're 5 years old, adults just seem so big! Anyway, it was so neat to see her....and, she was Landon's kindergarten teacher, too!! We both went to the same elementary school (although he was two years older than me), and then after his first couple of years, he transferred to the school where his dad worked (recall, Landon and I never met until college). Anyway, it was GREAT to see Mrs. Rhoades. We reminisced about kindergarten and friends and stuff we used to watch and do (like Slim Good body) was so neat to see her!!! And, to top it off, my Aunt Carol was there to hang out with us during the surgery, and she always has a camera, so she took mine and Landon's picture with Mrs. Rhoades. Isn't it neat?

Okay, this has been a lot of writing today - but I have one more thing to say. I'm not loving my own picture....I have got to do something with my hair - but I'm not sure what...anyway, I just want to say that Landon looks GOOD in this picture above. I love his shirt (which I picked out), I especially love his hair. He just looks good. I am proud this man is my husband. I pretty much like him a lot :)

So, what are your 4th of July plans? Landon and I don't have anything planned, really. I'm not sure what we will do! I started thinking Stone Mountain today...but I'll keep you posted!

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