Thursday, July 9, 2009


Who knows what Sudoku is? I was inspired to write about this after the comment left on the blog yesterday about buying Sudoku puzzles at the dollar store. I love Sudoku so much that I thought it was a blog worthy subject. I learned about this game several years ago when I saw my sister-in-law, Wendy, working on a puzzle one time. She probably doesn't even remember that, but I asked her some questions about what the game was, how to play it, etc. Sometime after that, I began working on the puzzles. I pretty much love them. They can range from really easy to crazy challenging. I have one book in particular I carry around to a lot of places and work on when I have down time. I love to do these puzzles - I love to do them on trips, I love to do them on the couch while we're watching TV, I love to do them in the bed before we go to sleep, I love to do them EVERYWHERE! (Was that like Dr. Seuss or what???) So...all this time, Landon hasn't really given a flip about it. But, all of a sudden...recently...Landon got sucked into the Sudoku experience. He began doing them all the work, at home, etc. We heard you could buy the Sudoku books at the dollar store from Kelli, so we set out to check it out. I am a fan of buying the books there, but I do have to tell you this. The paper quality is not great, so you have to be careful not to write too hard or erase hard or you'll tear the paper. But, the books provide the same entertainment level - they're just more fragile. Landon even looked up a bunch of rules so that we could get further in the games. Just think of it now....Landon and me having a super exciting Friday night, sitting on the couch with our heads buried in Sudoku books and pencils and erasers flying. This is a great date night for us - uh, when we're not at Costco, of course. Costco is our #1 choice :) If you have not tried Sudoku, let me just warn you. If you try it, you will get sucked in. You will become addicted. You will be a true fan.

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  1. Just keep filling in those Sudoku puzzles, we are working on one "mean" website that will change the Sudoku scene for good! Take care