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Alright! The past few Fridays I have been too busy to participate in Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life". I'm catching up! This particular Friday is the last Friday about your wedding - specifically about reception and honeymoon...but I want to catch you here we go...

These first few pictures are of my dress. My dress was an interesting story. I picked it out at one store, then was able to order it cheaper at another store...and ordered it in plenty of time for the wedding, July 19, 2003. Alas...there must always be drama. It didn't look like it was going to come in time for the wedding. We were down to about two weeks when it finally came. Daddy was saying...Okay, if it doesn't come by this weekend, we're going to Atlanta to buy a dress. The dress did come, and everyone was ready to go! The makeup and hair lady were ready, as was the photographer, to do my bridal portraits immediately! Because...of true southern fashion, I wanted to display my bridal portrait on an easel at the reception. If I had to pick a dress again today...I would pick the same one again! I LOVE this dress!

Below are the singers at our wedding - David and Christy Wise (well...Christy Descoteaux, now). They sang BEAUTIFULLY! David sang The Parent's Prayer and I Will Be Here, and he and Christy sang The Prayer - oh my word it was gorgeous...AND lest I forget, we had a STRING QUARTET. They played Palchabel's Cannon in D while bridesmaids came in, and the best part is...I HAD A TRUMPETER COME AND PLAY TRUMPET VOLUNTARY WITH THE STRING QUARTET FOR ME TO COME IN - IT WAS AWESOME!!!'s our wedding party - a modest size. Hannah (my cousin) was our precious flower girl, then from the left: Wendy (Landon's older sister), Olivia (Landon's younger sister), Amy Reed (my friend from OW and UF), then Krista (my favorite sister) right down beside Amy, and finally, Steph (my best friend for like 100 years). Both Krista and Steph were my maids of honor. That was a really hard decision for me because I felt like it hurt Krista's feelings - but it was hard for us with 6 years between us to be super, super close during that I really wanted to have both Steph and Krista. Then, there's Landon and me. To the right of Landon is his dad (as his best man), Robby (Landon's friend...I don't know what else to say :), then Tom (our brother in law - Wendy's husband), then Eric (Landon's surveying friend from UF), and finally Robby (another friend from surveying at UF). The wedding was at our church, Woodlawn Baptist Church in Crestview, Florida, which is also where we got engaged the night Landon put the ring on the piano at church when we went by to practice (uh, after eating at Cracker Barrel - are you surprised?). I'll never forget our pastor the Sunday morning after we got engaged making a huge deal about us being engaged, and letting me stand up from the piano and show my ring, and then making Landon stand up in the choir, too - it was such an exciting day!

Now begins the HUGE family pictures of mine...this picture is of my Wise family (my dad's side...)

This picture is of my mom's side of the family...the Lester's...

And, here's Landon's family - and look, I realize this looks bizarre. There were a lot of people from his family at the wedding; I just don't think they cared as much about taking a huge family picture together. But, in this picture from the left: Olivia (younger sister to Lan), Dad, Mom, Bethany, Landon, Wendy (older sister), Tom (Wendy's husband).

Nothing really crazy happened during the wedding - it just went so smoothly. I was so thankful because I think I might've had a nervous breakdown if anything crazy happened. It really was just perfect. Bro. Billy did forget to ask my dad..."Who gives this woman?" And finally, when he remembered, he said (while halfway laughing)..."Jim, who gives this woman?" Well, duh, I guess Jim does then. It's funny to watch back on the dvd and see the awkwardness of that moment.

Our reception was at the Shoal River Country Club.

We spent our first night at our new house. We went away in the car below - and it was a really funny situation when we got to our home - we didn't have any keys to get in! We had not planned well about getting all of our stuff together and our car back home, etc., so we were locked out. I can't remember how Landon did get in, but he did, finally. Then, in the middle of the night, we heard some commotion outside and realized my parents had brought my car by. There was a big note on the window that said, "Look in the mailbox." The keys were there :) That is one thing I have said I will help with when Krista's wedding comes in December! I will take care of making sure everything gets where it needs to go for them to leave - it was something I did not even think about!

I cannot put pictures of our honeymoon because they were lost in the hurricane - I do have a very funny video...but that's not on the computer. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I can't say marriage has been easy for fact, I think it's been really hard - isn't it funny when you get married that you have NO IDEA what it's really going to be like? There's just no way to be mentally prepared! Thank goodness for God's grace as we have navigated the unknown together!

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  1. your dress really was beautiful!! Your wedding looked very nice. :) Marriage does have so many ups and downs but we always have each other to trek through the mud! Best wishes to you!! Thanks for sharing

    P/s we almost have the same blog layout. hehe