Monday, August 10, 2009

Bet You Didn't Do THIS Friday Night!

Okay, after you read/see this may think we're the craziest people you've ever seen. Yet...I must push through and share! Friday night we went to Eric and Kelli's for dinner. I LOVE going to people's houses for dinner because you get to eat great food they've made - don't you think people usually make their specialty when you come to visit? So...they did not disappoint. We had Italian chicken, green bean casserole, and corn, oh, and biscuits. Then, we had a little no bake peanut butter chocolate dessert that was fantastic. As we're hanging out Friday evening (doing things like learning to sign the Pledge of Allegiance and other random words like hot dog) we find out Eric and Kelli have funnel cakes. HELLO - WE LOVE FUNNEL CAKES. they are! They were delicious and successful!

Okay, let me just get to the weird part now. Not that this is weird, just not your normal Friday night activity. So, you know Eric was a children's pastor at a church. So, we start discussing VBS and how he used to dress up in different outfits each VBS, depending on what the theme was. He was like a Eskimo kind of thing living in an igloo, he was from Japan, etc...I can't think of them anymore. So then, I ask where the costumes are...because HE STILL HAS THEM ALL! He had not gotten them out since they moved to Woodstock like two years ago. He got them out for us and let us try them all on. When I say let "us", I basically mean let "me" since Landon was really not that interested since he was worn out from singing Michael Jackson on the karaoke machine this same evening. Okay...fine...I'll say no more - here are the funny pictures:

Me in the Yeti outfit - hahahaha, this is one crazy face:
Here's Eric with a myriad of outfits on - surgical mask, is that a Britain hat?, Sherlock Holmes pipe...OH, AND I DESIGNED THE OUTFIT FOR HIM TO PIECE TOGETHER!
Here's where I was feeling frustrated because Landon didn't want to participate. But, he took a picture with me anyway...
And, finally...the craziest picture of all. Landon, dead tired, right before we left after 11pm, and he let us put a bunch of different things on him....Dude, this picture is INSANE. I hope a future church doesn't see it on here...they'll never hire us. But, they might want Eric and Kelli as children's minister since they have such great costumes.
And, what more is there to say? We are crazy jokers.


  1. I love you in the Yeti outfit-Priceless!! Um, could you please wear that in my wedding?

  2. Well, I'd love to wear it at your wedding...but unfortunately since I've already paid for half my dress...I think I better stick with that. I thought I looked kind of like the Narnia Queen.

  3. Can we make Funnel Cakes when Dad and I come up there? YUM! I'm so excited about how God is using you and Landon with each class of Intim. Encounters that you teach! I'm also thankful for the love and guidance that James and his wife have shown. Should you wear a costume into SS one Sun. just to lighten up a serious moment? ummm...maybe not. Praying for Landon! Oh, and send the recipe for the peanut butter dessert! Momma