Monday, August 31, 2009

Keeping the Grill Hot No Matter What the Cost

So, we come home from church yesterday to grill steaks for lunch. Usually we eat out for lunch on Sunday - whether Landon is with me or working (in which case I bring us Wendy's and we eat together at the church). But, we've been trying to save more money...or how about just not totally go broke, so we decided to eat at home. Thank goodness this meal did not have too much preparation since we are so exhausted on Sunday mornings after church! Yesterday we taught Sunday School (where we did a skit and spilled water on each other), I played the piano for part of church, and Landon helped serve the Lord's supper. No one served me any Lord's supper at the piano, which I am mixed about. On one hand, I wish I could have taken it. On the other hand, is it really that reverent if you are cramming the cracker down your throat so you can keep playing and not stop and are drinking the juice like a shot so you can keep playing and not stop? I don't know which is worse - not taking it at all or not taking it with a reverent attitude. I think the latter is probably I'm in good shape...uh, wasn't I talking about our lunch? So...we start to leave church and it's pouring rain. Well, hello, the steaks have been marinating since yesterday in the refrigerator - we must cook them. We must because that is the plan in my mind. Landon considered just doing them on the stove but decided he could pull the grill up under the ledge of the deck and just cook the steaks on the grill still. This cracked me up. Here are some pictures - and, the first time I took a picture, Landon thought the camera flash was lightening outside - ha.

Don't you think it's funny that Landon is standing in our house but grilling some steaks at the same time? One more thing - Landon got a haircut and it looks GOOD. He had to put on his suit yesterday after Sunday School (he had on a different outfit because of the water situation) to serve the Lord's Supper and I didn't see him until I was leaving the piano after the service. He was leaning up again the wall waiting for me - and he looked GREAT! Amanda cut his hair - not too short (like a bowl) but still quite a bit, and it looks AWESOME! I think this might be the best "shorter"-ish haircut he has ever had - I definitely approve :) And I'm glad to say this nice thing about him, because I don't think I've been very nice to him this past week.

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