Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Call me Fresha

This morning I worked on Life@Blue, our email company newsletter I do each month for RB&Co. One of the articles I worked on was about our very own RB&Co. celebrities. I thought it would be really neat, if in the article, I could figure out how to put a picture of each person's name in lights. So, you know you can find anything on google (that's not necessarily a good thing), and I set off searching. I found all kinds of fun. Yes, I found a website where you can put your name in seen here.
But, ah, that's just where the fun started. I realized that because I put in the google search "name in lights generator", the search produced a bunch of crazy name generator sites. I found this to be pretty interesting. I went to to some of the sites, and although I won't share the names because I was afraid there might be something bad on there, I will share the names the sites generated...they are pretty funny. Let me know if you think any of these names are definitely "me".

First, our Hollywood celebrity names:
Bethany: Botany Farrah-Jayne Farrier
Landon: Orlando Bartholomew Carmichael

Next, our pop star names:
Bethany: Faith Eden

And finally, the funniest of all...I present to you...our....

Bethany: Fresha Essence
Landon: Gangster Junkie

The last part of this story is pretty funny, too. I was working on Life@Blue and had to get some IT help, so one of our IT guys came over to sit at my computer for a few minutes and assist me. For some crazy reason, he had to pull up my history - um, okay, so there, listed on my RB&Co. history for the day are websites like, Um, I just didn't say anything...and neither did he. Don't know if he wondered what all those bizarre sites were....hope I don't get fired this afternoon! peeps, next time you see me on the street or just chill-axin, feel free to call me by my true name...Fresha.

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  1. I'm good with Orlando. I'd love to star alongside my favorite Elven character Legolas. J.J. is just wierd and I am not a junkie at least not anymore.