Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 New Toys

We put together a new toy for James this past week! It's the Baby Einstein Jumper - I think it's called a Jumper - I can't remember right now...anyway, he seems to really like it. While the exersaucer says that a supported sitter can play in it, this Jumper thing says that they should be a uh, oh well. But, I haven't been leaving him alone to play in it - I've been sitting there while he plays. He seems to think it's really fun. He doesn't have the hang of how you can turn around in it and play with the different sides...he just tried to lean his body over and play with the things on the sides.

Then, I've been trying to figure out how he might like tummy time better. I saw this thing and thought it might help. He LOVES to look in the mirror, so I ordered this floor mirror from Okay, it works, but unless you strap it to the crib, it is very cheap. It falls over unless I hold it on the floor, but so far, he seems to love it - and forgets for a few minutes that he's on his stomach.

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