Friday, November 12, 2010

My First Holiday Failure

Well, I failed on two accounts for Halloween. First of all, the costume. James was supposed to be Albert, our mascot. Well, I tried and tried to find an alligator costume I thought looked plush, like Albert, but I could not find one! Finally, I found this dragon costume and thought if I put this jersey over it, it would hide the dragon spikes and look like an alligator. It sort of did, but it made Albert look really fat. Ha, like fat Albert...but clearly not the real Fat Albert. I also got James the cutest monogrammed trick or treat bag from Pottery Barn (which we can keep using year after year).

My second failure came on the actual Halloween date, and it technically was not my fault, but still....Halloween was on Sunday. We had to drive down to Costco and Chuck E Cheese to get giftcards as prizes for our Trunk or Treat at the church that night. Well, on the way back home, on I-85, there was a RED ALERT. I am not even kidding. We sat for like almost 2 hours on the interstate just sitting there - James slept most of the time, but thank goodness I had extra food for him because I had to feed him after a while - it was crazy! That right there showed me why you should always be prepared with a baby. By the time we got back to the church, it was time for the trunk or treat. I had to run home and get Landon a change of clothes and then get back to the church immediately so that he could change. I didn't get to put James' costume on him or get his trick or treat MONOGRAMMED was yuck! The trunk or treat was a great success, so that was good, but I was really disappointed in our first Halloween...not that I ever have high expectations that NEVER live up to what I hope they'll be...
OH WELL! At least he is a baby - he has no idea there was anything. :)

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