Monday, November 15, 2010


I love Shutterfly! I have loved it for about 5 years now and have used any excuse (in the past when we had more money) to make a photo book. If it was a holiday I was off of work, I wanted to make a photo book about it - not quite that bad, but pretty bad...I love everything Shutterfly! I have bought their photo books mainly, but I've also purchased greeting cards and other gifts. I cannot wait to get my Christmas cards through them this year - but I have to wait to see what pictures we're going to use when Joy takes our pictures in a couple of weeks! One of my favorite cards right now says "Rejoice the Lord is King" but I'm not sure which one I'm really going to end up choosing. All the holiday cards are here. A couple of my other favorites are these!

Ooooh...and I'm thinking this calendar below would be a great present - I could put pictures of James on every single page!!! That link is here.

And then, while I was looking around on there, I just found these invitations - oh my word, how sweet! Before I know it I'll be getting invitations for James' 1st birthday. I found them here.
Basically, I'm a Shutterfly lover. Have you checked out Shutterfly? I LOVE, LOVE to make stuff on there. Just go to here to get your creative juices flowing...try not to get too obsessed like I have though! And, watch for my Christmas card in the mail this year!

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