Friday, November 12, 2010

Our First Trip to the (Sort of) Zoo

A few weeks ago, my HR Team at work had a fun event we got to bring our families to. I was excited that they invited me to come - since I'm working from home now only 10 hours per week, I don't expect to get to do all the extra stuff, but they asked us to come! We went to Dahlonega to this Reserve place that had some animals, then out to eat at the Smith House. It was GREAT. The Fudge Factory was the greatest!! Here is Landon feeding the camel...remember, camels are my favorite...

Here's James and me...the camel is watching us. For the most part, James didn't care any about the animals. The camel was the one we got the closest to, so he was at least interested in it a little. He mainly just got mad if we were in the sun and the sun was in his eyes.
Here we are with the Robinson family :) Shannon, Mandy, and sweet Isabelle. Mandy is my co-worker, but also my great, great friend. They go to our church now, and I am so excited about it. I really love their family. Mandy has a personality kind of like Steph - that dry humor that totally cracks me up. I survived many RB&Co. days because of her helping keep me sane :)
We had a great time together! James was really good, so that was a great blessing.

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