Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Sweet Life

Boy, I am feeling thankful today.  I know God gives and takes away.  Feeling so thankful today for my life honestly makes me afraid another shoe is going to drop.  That's part of my own brokenness...but it is a fact about me.  About 4.5 years ago, during an extremely difficult time, I could never have imagined working in the yard today, chasing my 1.5 year old baby around, and watching my husband clean out the garage would be a dream come true.  Do you ever feel like there should be music with your scenes of your life?  Landon was swinging James this afternoon after we'd all worked in the yard, had a good lunch and a great rest.  James was squealing with delight (literally) and Landon was running around the tree "boo-ing" in James' face over and over.  I was watching and laughing.  And, I was thinking that if that scene were in a movie it would be like the swing swinging in slow motion and music playing.  What music?  I don't know - any opinions? Ha.  that's a funny question to wonder about.  I am way digressing since I wasn't even planning to say any of that above.  It was just on my heart. 

I took this picture this morning of Landon and James.  Oh my word, how sweet!
 James is still obsessed with the Bibles.  Here he is yesterday looking at them...
So...we worked hard in the yard today.  I never want to be an embarrassment in whatever neighborhood I live in.  I mean, our yard did look like um, pretty bad, the whole first year we lived in the house.  I always want to take care of whatever God has entrusted to us - to appreciate it and not take it for granted.  We bought pansies a while back, and I planted the ones in the flower bed a few weeks ago, but then today, we planted the rest of them underneath the shrubs on either side of the garage.  I couldn't show a good picture of it because the garage was open and messy - haha, that cracks me up since I just gave a speech above about taking care of our stuff...well...anyway...

 Oh, and I planted tulip bulbs behind all the pansies so that hopefully they'll come up...uh, whenever they're supposed  (like February-ish, right??)
 Landon and James cleaned up the garage.
 Landon has been after me for a couple of weeks now about putting up the Christmas tree.  He is ready for CHRISTMAS.  He and I are so different.  I assume we are going to put the tree in the corner, just like we did last year - hello....don't you think I thought it out with extreme careful-ness...where the best place was for the tree, where it would fit the best, where it would look the best, etc. etc. etc.  But, ah, Landon, he is different from me.  He is not boring, and he wants to do something "different".  What would be exciting????  First he wanted to put the tree in the foyer like right smack in the middle of the foyer. Ha.  With the piano and other little table there, I doubt we could have gotten around it, so, I have to nix that idea.  Then he wanted to move the chair over and put it in front of these doors.  So...I thought on that one.  Although it is against the "do it the same every year" thoughts, I was trying to go with him - you know, give and take.  While he was outside, I moved the chair over to the side, and moved the palm tree in our room.  In fact, right now, Landon is studying hard under the palm tree - I asked him if he felt like he was on vacation.  So, here's the place for the tree - all cleared out.  A different spot from last year.  I know, I'm a wild woman.  More to come on how it looks in a new place :)

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