Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

This post has been a long time coming.  I've had the pictures saved in a post since we got back from W.H., but I just haven't taken the time to write anything about it.  We had a GREAT visit with my Winter Haven family.  Here are a few highlight pictures...
James with Grammy and the turkey...
Me with Momma and Daddy - um, I love them A WAY LOT, btw
YAY - my sister....I love her a way lot too :)
This picture cracks me up - James is looking at the Black Friday ads with Landon and Richie
HAHA - cute
James and Grammy reading about Johnny Tractor
James in his "I'm Stuffed" turkey shirt that I paid a million dollars to have shipped
Aunt Krista and James
James and his cousin - oh, and that's Landon face down
James and his cousins again :)
Matt, Krista, and Daddy
Me and Uncle Stephen :)
James investigating his raisin box
Mommy and James on Thanksgiving morning - clearly, he did not care :)
Watching Sesame St. go by on the Macy's parade

I know this is a post with few words...which some may appreciate because usually I have many words and not many pictures.  We had a great holiday.  Now back to the BUSY-NESS!!!! :)

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