Sunday, December 4, 2011

Choo...Choo...Welcome Christmas!

Landon has wanted to buy a train to go around our Christmas tree for a long time.  Actually Landon told me one time he'd like to have a room with just a bunch of train tracks and trains and stuff that stays set up all the time....RIGHT.  Whenever we get that million thousand square foot house, we'll be sure to include a "train" room for Landon :)  ANYWAY, while looking at Black Friday ads, Lan found a train for $25 from Home Depot.  I thought it was a great deal, too, since right now with a small child in the house, it would be better to have something CHEAP and not a total crisis if it was broken.  So...the train came.  It was pretty exciting.  Here's James on the box:

Here they are getting it open.
All the cars.
And, playing with it!
James smiling for a picture.  It's hard for me to get a normal picture anymore - either there's no smile at all or a "cheese" smile like this :) 

So, here's the train update.  The first couple of days, James really respected the train.  He barely touched the cars and just looked at them.  But then, Landon showed him that he could put stuff in one of the cars, and then it was over.  The cars are now knocked over, off the track, everywhere.  The thing has a remote control, which James wants to play with, but when the train actually moves, he hides behind a pillow on the couch as still as can be.  He's not quite okay with it yet...but you can tell he wants to be.  I think the train is a big hit.  It has been fun to watch James and Landon have something to play with that BOTH of them love.  Love my sweet, sweet boys.

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