Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shirts & Cookies...a Crafty Morning!

Well...this little crafty outing turned out sort of like I thought it might.  James has never had any experience with paint situations.  We bought him some finger paints for Christmas because I want him to like makin stuff and painting and coloring....not to be boring like ME.  I was afraid he would not like how the paint felt on his hands, and sure enough, he didn't.  Can you tell?
We made a Christmas tree on his t-shirt, and I had to add the ornaments because he was FORGET it.  I forced Kelli to keep forcing his hand down on the shirt to make the tree, but I just didn't have the heart to make him o the ornaments too...I do have some mercy, you know :)
Kelli & Eric had icing and sprinkles left over from their cookie baking the day before, so they let us play with the icing and sprinkles to do a few of our own cookies.  Now, James was on board with that, let me tell you.  Even right now while I'm typing this, he is pointing at the screen and saying "cookie" over and over.
He was very good at the sprinkles after I iced the cookies!
Amy von Oven, if you read this, don't you think James looks just a little like Gabe in this picture.  I know they look nothing alike, but something about James' face below remind me so much of sweet GABE!

And, here's the finished product!!!  Yeah!  We had a great time with Mandy and Isabelle and Kelli and Carolie.  Wish some of our other friends could have joined us!!!!

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