Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bethabra Staff Christmas Party

What a great blessing to be finishing 2 years at Bethabra.  So many people talked about how scary first churches can be, and we feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family.  Sure, there have been and still are some significant challenges, but on the whole, we could not be more thankful that this is the place God had for us.  We got together Sunday evening at Eric and Kelli's house to celebrate together with Tommy and Mallory, Steven and Amy, Carolyn and Gerald, Susan and M.J....I think that's it!  I had more pictures (since it looks like there were very few people there...) but I cannot post them because I am making the craziest ugliest faces...and I just can't handle it.

Here's James and me...(P.S. the red shirt is like his Christmas uniform)
Sweet James and Caroline
James and Caroline and Nanda and Pop Pop - so thankful for them!!!!

It was a great night...except for a really loud game that James nearly had a nervous breakdown during - you know, he doesn't like any loud noises or craziness happening.  We are praying for many, many more years at Bethabra - and we are praying that God will do something AMAZING there.  Something we could not even ask or imagine. 

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  1. Not liking loud noises and craziness... Sounds like he got some traits from his Aunt Krista. Lol.