Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Hilarious Joker

There are some random things  want to document about James...some funny stuff he is doing.  To begin with he started making a weird new face that is hilarious yesterday (um, sort of like the bottom teeth mad thing - if you know my family...) - it's like a sort of scared unsure face.  Really funny.  He mainly does it while he's watching the train go around - well, when he's not hiding behind the pillow on the couch while the train goes around.  It took me a couple of days and for Landon to tell me this, but I realized that James is making the choo choo sound - he makes it constantly and wants to play with the train, but he makes the sound with his mouth totally closed and it's like "cooo cooo"  but with his mouth shut.  Hilarious. 

So...times at the potty with James are very interesting.  This may be TMI for everyone.  If you can't handle it, just don't read any further.  I'm not talking about James going to the potty.  I'm talking about what James chooses to do while I go to the potty.  I had a friend yesterday who said she shut the door while she went to the bathroom and her little girl stayed outside the bathroom :)  I thought..."That is completely novel to me."  Seriously, I've never even thought of doing that - seriously.  Smart friend, huh?!  ANYWAY, back to my life though.  So, when I go in to go, one of the main things he does is I hold onto the toilet paper roll so he can't unroll it, but he pulls off little bits of toilet paper and wants to throw them in the toilet.  So, I've noticed, though, that particularly in this one bathroom, he loves to take the little pieces and instead of throwing them in the potty, he wants to stick them down in the vent.  Like this:

 I think this is crazy funny.  Weird.  Really funny.  Just wanted to remember it forever so I needed to write it down :)  He also loves to flush the potty and say the word potty over and over. 

I wanted to get a picture of his sweet jammies from Gymboree - he has two pairs for Christmas from there that I bought him - this one is "Gingy" and says "Smart Cookie".  So sweet!

James has become especially interested in the potholders and the pans in the drawer under the stove.  In our Christmas box was a small stocking Nanna and Grandaddy gave James last Christmas for his 1st Christmas.  I've had it put down in the bottom of the Christmas tree.  So...he saw it and thought it was a POTHOLDER.  HAHA.  He immediately put it on his hand and then went in and got this pan out of the drawer under the stove.  CRACKS me up. 
These things, along with him becoming a professional fit pitcher, are definitely keeping things interesting around here.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

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