Friday, December 9, 2011

The Santa Visit

Here's another thing that's certain.  I like being on the Sr. Adult Ministry committee.  Ha.  I love to take all the trips Sr. Adults get to take.  This is why I enjoy being part of this team.  So...our latest little trip was to Lake Lanier Lights last night.  It was FANTASTIC.  We started out the evening at ....where else... Cracker BarrelYes :)  We then headed to the lights.  James did GREAT.  He was able to get out of his car seat and really enjoy them as we drove through.  Then...we made the final stop.  The Santa Stop.  We weren't sure how he would do, but we wanted to try it.  (I was about to type "ha" again, but then realized I'd already said it above once and thought it might seem like I had a problem...seriously).  James immediately wanted to get under the rope to see Santa.  He was yelling out Ca Caus Ca Caus.  We waited, and waited (not too long...but sort of seemed long with a 1.5 year old)...and finally saw Santa.  Here is the video the Thomason's made for us...and then some pictures of our fun night.  Thanks for letting us tag along, JOY group :) 

AND, make sure to notcie James' SWEET Gingy outfit.  Grammie and GatorPa bought this outfit for James on the day after Thanksgiving while we shopped.  (It was also the same store that James fell out of a chair and hit his head on the tv for kids to watch...).  ANYWAY, Gingy is super cute on his shirt...and the cuff of the pants have gingerbread men.  AND, his socks are striped red and white.  I cannot take it - so much cuteness.  I love it!

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