Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reindeer or "Dee, Dee"

James and Mommy before church yesterday.  I love the lovely fire extinguisher in the background.  I wanted to show James' sweet reindeer outfit from Nanna and Grandaddy!!!! Yay, Nanna and Grandaddy - aren't we excited it actually fit for Christmas!!!???  It's PERFECT! 

We had a fantastic day at church yesterday.  Russ Crosson, President & CEO of the company I work for, Ronald Blue & Co., came to speak to us.  I have heard part of the talk he gave, but I could hear it 100 times and it still be so insightful.  He and his wife, Julie, have so much wisdom to offer.  I'm very thankful God has put these people in our path so we've had the opportunity to learn new things and live our life more wisely!

Landon and I have been struggling with a particular decision, and I think Russ really helped us yesterday.  He said it's important to ask yourself, "Will this free me up to invest social and spiritual capital in my family?"  For us, we needed to hear that.  He asked, "How many people will ever know what you have financially?"  It's important to make decisions that will impact the largest number of people for the Gospel of Christ that we can. Hard to remember this as we buy, buy, buy Christmas gifts for our friends and family right now.  Did you know it's 3 times as hard to get out of debt as it was to get in it??? Yikes. 

So...back to a new week.  Gotta finish up some Christmas stuff and maybe start wrapping - with no gifts under the tree, of course. 

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