Thursday, December 22, 2011

Animals & a New Outfit

James is getting big into the "cheese" face.  That is making it very difficult, even with a nice camera, to get a good picture of him.  It's like his eyes are always half shut!  A couple nights ago I grabbed the camera and took a picture of his bed - he is getting into a phase of wanting to sleep with every animal he sees on the way from the living room to his bed.  Winnie always makes the cut - Winnie is the tried and true - always the choice.  See how he is face down?  James lays his head down on Winnie, facing Winnie's bottom, and rubs the tag with his hand - between his fingers - until he falls asleep.  He can also say all the animals' names - Winnie, Elmo, Gingy, Monkey and Bear (I know...original), E.T., and Eeyore - I think I got them all.  It's pretty sweet.  Tonight he wanted me to put his blanket over him and with his head on Winnie, Elmo in his left arm and Eeyore in his right, he was happy to lay there and go to sleep.  Cracks me up.

Landon's mom sent the SWEETEST outfit for James - but it was too small!  I had to go exchange it, and since I couldn't find exact same outfit, I found this one instead.  People at church are going to start thinking all James has are sweater vests since that's all he ever wears (nearly).  They are just my favorite

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