Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with Nanda & Pop Pop

Alright!  Time to catch up on all my Christmas posts...let's see if I can type quietly enough while James sleeps beside me on the couch.  Hmm.  Anyone who knows me really well knows I'm the loudest type-r on the face of the earth.  :(  A few days before Christmas, we went to Carolyn and Gerald's to celebrate Christmas with them.  While so many people have been extremely kind and generous to us, there is no one who has shown us love like Carolyn and Gerald have.  I'll never forget spending the night at their house after Landon began at Bethabra, but before we moved here, and it being winter time.  Gerald pulled their truck out of the garage that Saturday night because they wanted us to park in the garage that night.  Just one example of how incredible they've been to us.  Here are the desserts waiting on us when we arrived:

And, here's our dinner.  I can't quite remember now exactly what we had...turkey, salad, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn, mac n cheese, etc. etc...some delicious rolls...
James is big time into clicking the straps together on ANYTHING, so I just wanted to capture what he's into at the moment.
James opening a present!

Whoa!  A Ta-ti!!!

Love, love, love Nanda and Pop Pop!!

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