Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cooking 2 Nights = A Domestic Goddess :)

Well, what is this world coming to?  I have cooked two nights in a row AND made a pecan pie on Sunday afternoon.  Just call, who? Like the Little House on the Prairie lady, oh wait, no, June Cleaver.  Just call me June :) I've never been a huge fan of pecan pie, but after Cracker Barrel introduced their chocolate pecan pie (or whatever it is), I started sliding down the slippery slope.  I decided to make one Sunday afternoon in an attempt to do something special for Landon.  Vanilla ice cream is a must have with this pie.  It is Gooooood. 
It's been a busy and good week so far.  Just regular stuff.  Looking forward to eating lunch with one of our favorite people today and looking forward to playing with sweet Ella and Ava this morning at our house (I've got to get off my tail in a minute and get that kitchen cleaned up or Lacey may take one look and start screaming and running back to her car with her kids). 
Yesterday afternoon, I was working, and James was laying with his Geotrax in the floor.  He kept bringing the bridges to me and wanting me to cover them with Landon's socks (just out of the dryer...a day ago - ha).  I tried to help him do it, but the bridges are wide, and I could just see Landon up on the platform trying to preach with socks around his ankles because I let James pull and stretch Landon's socks over all his Geotrax bridges.  I tried to get him to get a blanket and cover them up.
He then said to me, "God said the people of the Lord don't do that." I'm sorry, what???  It's like, how do you respond to that.  You just don't.  I just shook my head and moved on, knowing next Sunday, the socks would be around Landon's ankles.
Another funny thing - you just never know what's going to come out of his mouth now.  My good friend, Malissa, from work, had taken a fabulous trip to France (I think) and brought back a little bottle of lotion for me.  That bottle has been sitting on our baker's rack for um, a year maybe?  I keep thinking when I am in the car that I NEED some lotion, and I keep trying to remember to throw that little bottle in, because I know it is great lotion.  I pulled it out yesterday and put some on.  James (of course) wanted some, as well.  I gave him some and then smelled my hands and said, "Oh my goodness, this smells so good - like lemon."  Then he smelled his hands and said, "Oh my goodness, this smell like poop.  Dog poop."  WHAT?  It clearly did not. Ha.  So, sorry, Malissa, about the really nice lotion you brought me from France - it's going in the van, and I think it's wonderful and lemony, but James thinks it's basically dog poop.  I have no clue what's going to come out of his mouth at any point in time.
Finally, we made a big transition last night.  When James turned 2 last summer, we switched him to the toddler bed (took the front of his crib off and put the little bar up on the side).  The way our house is laid out, James room and our room are side by side down a little hallway by the garage.  I could not stand it when he first had the freedom of being loose because he would come out of his room and stand in he hall, and Landon and I would be watching tv.  I could sense his presence in the hall.  It seriously creeped me out.  I could not look up and would say to Landon, "He's there.  I know he's here."  And then, sure enough, he would peek around the corner and be out of his bed.  Very quickly, I could see that I was losing my sanity (which is a quick trip) and so we tried putting a gate up in front of his door.  This has been FANTASTIC.  We've had it up all year, and now, this week, James turns 3.  He's started this new thing where if I get on to him, he runs to his room and slams his gate and shuts his door.  I get that he needs a minute alone and I don't care about that, but because of the gate, the door won't shut quite right and he's slamming that door over and over trying to get it to shut.  Just.  No.  I cannot take that.  I can't take anything happening in the house where it's like we are destroying, I took the gate down.  I explained that he was welcome to close the door if he wanted just a minute alone when he was upset (but not lock it and NOT slam it).  He was SO UPSET about taking that gate down.  Landon tried to explain to him that "Daddy is a big big man and doesn't have a gate in front of his door, and James is getting to be a big big man too so he doesn't have a gate at his door."  So, we made it through night 1 fine.  I am just waiting for the moment though that I have heard about from so many parents - the moment where you wake up and your kid is in your face just staring at you.  Um, yikes.  I will be at the funny farm if that happens.  So, it's a new day.  No gate and complete freedom.  Better make sure the garage is shut and all the deadbolts are locked or that bro will be out at the street.

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  1. You are HILARIOUS!! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog tonight & got to read about James thinking my lotion smelled like dog poo. Priceless!