Saturday, June 15, 2013

Retirement...Or is it?

What an exciting week this past week!  I am sitting here on the couch, exhausted, and as I reflect back on this past week to write this post, I am SHOCKED that I am even still alive - ha.  No wonder I am tired!  My mom had a retirement luncheon at her school this past Monday.  I knew the big day was coming (retirement), but I was so unsure about how to celebrate this huge accomplishment.  My mom is not someone who desires to be out front and "noticed" :).  I knew she would not like a reception or party in her honor.  Then, she told me the school was doing a luncheon for the 4 retiring teachers.  BAM.  I knew that's what we had to get in on.  This past Monday morning, I got up at 4:40am and was leaving my driveway at 5:04am headed to Crestview.  I arrived in plenty of time for the luncheon to meet Matt and Krista and Dad and got to surprise my mom!  It was really exciting!  I had been avoiding calling her for several weeks because I didn't want to accidentally spill the news and I was so excited that I was going to get to see my family. 
My momma is special for a million different reasons, but let me just focus on some things I know from my childhood.  She juggled a family and a more than full time career incredibly.  She was always at every important event I had, she made pancakes made out of shapes on Saturday morning (Mickey Mouse!), and she took me to the public library every week to check out books.  I remember what seems like millions of afternoons in her classroom after coming from the elementary school and playing Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, and some kind of spelling game on like the first computer ever.  She has been an incredible teacher.  You have no clue how many times I have rolled my eyes when we have seen one of her past students in public and she not only remembers the person's name but remembers his or her family, and all this other stuff, and genuinely wants to know all about their entire life while I waited annoyed in the wings.  :)  That's a sincere teacher.  Pre-planning and Post-planning days?  Those were just a suggestion because Momma didn't always know when they began and ended - she always had more work to do and was up at the school or working at home whenever she needed to.  I can't even begin to fathom how many essays she has graded or sentences she has checked the diagramming on. 
I have a really thoughtful momma.  For all important events, or sometimes for no reason at all, Mom would write notes or have little gifts or posters for Krista and me.  The main one I remember was the day I left for UF.  When I walked out of my room that morning, there was a trail of UF confetti from my room, down the stairs, through the hall, out the door, and into my car :)  It was really special.  She has a huge gift of thoughtfulness.  Krista and I thought we'd turn the tables on her and make HER some special posters.  Here are a few:

p.s. James made the blue one above, and I realize it looks a little like a serial killer might have designed it - haha, nope, just an almost 3 year old made that for his Grammie!

It was fantastic! Such a special time for our family and duh, for Mom, especially.   I headed back to Atlanta Tuesday morning at 7am. It was SO WORTH THE TRIP.  And, I am really thankful for Landon watching James so that I could go!!!! 
Now what will Mom do?  She may help out some at Wise Equipment...which is so busy that it is like a black abyss of never getting out :)  Praying she will have wisdom with the decision to work with Jim Wise (haha!).

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