Friday, June 21, 2013

James' Special 3rd Birthday

Well, I was trying not to upload too many pictures for this post, but I just couldn't help it!  It's been a LONG but wonderful day.  I was awakened this morning about 5:30am when James started talking in his room, and since he's not in a pull up anymore, I was afraid he was going to wet the bed.  So...I busted my sleepy self up in there and helped him sit on the potty.  I could see he was not that interested in going back to bed (since it's light getting a little light outside then), so I let him come into our room and sleep for a couple more hours with us.  While he was going potty this morning at 5:30 am he said, "Is today my birthday?"  Seriously?  That was the very first thought he had this morning.  He slept until around 7:30, and I had 3 little presents wrapped for him that were up against the wall in our room.  He sits up and sees those, and says, "Those are my birthday presents."  We headed into the living room to open them up...

 Then (Of course), we headed to Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast.  Ms. Kathy asked me a few days ago if we were going to bring James in on his birthday, and I told her, sure, we'd be there for breakfast.  I was SHOCKED when I saw what Rosemarie and Kathy had done for him.  They had a new Buzz Lightyear for him (which was AWESOME), a Buzz and Woody spin around thingie, and a Woody bouncy balloon.  Oh, and a cupcake that he ate ALL of the icing off of!

 Then, we moved on to Dr. Cohen's office for James' GI checkup.  That went great, except that we had to wait forever which resulted in a near nervous breakdown for me since James is rarely still - especially in a waiting room situation...
 Got milkshakes on the way home...
 THEN, we went to his first movie today.  He thought people were going to come out on the stage like the Dolphin Show at the aquarium.  He actually sat through the entire movie, Monsters University!  I think Landon was about to have his own nervous breakdown over how loud James talked though if he wanted to tell us something.  Landon kept saying, "Can you please talk quieter?"  And James would say, "No, I cannot."  It cracked me up.
 We finished the day at Krispy Kreme, so we basically (well, not basically, just truthfully) have had nothing but JUNK today.  BUT, it was sure a fun day.
I obviously never could have known what an incredible blessing a child would be.  I am so grateful for the gift God gave us by allowing us to be his parents.  Praying for many more years of great health for sweet baby James as he continues to grow into a "big big man" (his words). 

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