Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Goodness.  I have so many thoughts today about my own dad, my Grandpa on probably his last Father's Day, and Landon. 
We did a few gifts for Landon after church and lunch - that's how we have to roll at the preacher's house :)  James was so excited to help Landon with his cards and presents!
 A tile with James' handprint he made in preschool before summer specifically for Father's Day.  He said on a card that the thing he loved most about his daddy was that "he wrestles with me".

 And, Landon desperately needed a new ipad cover, so that's what he got.  Just looking at this picture makes me smile.  I am really blessed.

 Speaking of blessed, this picture below is Grandma and Grandpa with all three of their sons today.  Grandpa's health is continuing to decline, and it was such a blessing to see them last week when I was home for the day. 
 We ran to the mall this afternoon for some stuff, and some people stopped me while walking through the mall and were just laughing and laughing at what James had on.  I said, "Um, yeah, so I'm that mom who lets her child wear whatever in the world he wants to in public...".  They just laughed.

I am so thankful for my own daddy - for He and Momma introducing me to Jesus, but also for the integrity of his life.  I have never, ever questioned his word.  I have never ever questioned what I would find it I was looking for something in his chest of drawers or glove compartment in his car.  He is a man of integrity, and I am so thankful for this example and the trust I can put in him because of the way he's living his life.  Makes me think of one of my favorite verses that begins with, "A man of integrity walks securely," in Proverbs.  I am so thankful for James' daddy, my husband, for the integrity in his life and for the genuine LOVE and QUALITY TIME he spends with James.  Being a dad is a special and VERY HARD job.  So thankful!

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