Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gwinnett Braves Game

Monday night we went to a Gwinnett Braves Game with Neal and Leslie. We had a great time. Now, you know my ways at the baseball games, usually. I really like to go to stuff like that, just not necessarily to watch the game. I love to bring my sudoku book or a book to read or a crossword and sit and work on that stuff during the game. Oh, and don't even make me mention how much I love the concession stand food. I love it so much that we've talked about getting the "all you can eat seats" because by the time you pay for your ticket and even just chicken fingers, french fries, and a drink - you've bought the all you can eat seat....and you could get MORE FOR FREE! Anyway, the Gwinnett stadium is really close to our house. Normally, I don't think I could have handled this excursion on a "school" night, but I felt like I could do it because since it was Monday night and Tuesdays are my work from home days, I knew I wouldn't have to get up at 5am. We had a really fun time at the game. All my observations:
- Neal and Leslie told us we were sitting up on like the front row. I thought this meant "like" the front pretty close up. Um, no. After getting food, we went down with our two tickets to find Neal and Leslie, and guess what? They were on the VERY FRONT ROW. It's the front row on the first base side, so it's a place where kids are hoping to catch foul balls. Let's just be clear here. I like to sit where NO BALLS COME CLOSE. I like to go to stuff like this with Landon, but if he wants to walk down close to the field, I always want to stay up higher where I feel sure I'm safe. I know they told us we were on the front row, but I really didn't believe it until I got up there. It was nice that you could put your feet on the railing though.
- Because we were so close, I couldn't do any of my planned activities (reading BabyWise, doing Sudoku) since I was having to pay such close attention to the game to make sure no balls came my way. Landon always has my back, as did Neal and Leslie, but it was still scary enough that I needed to pay attention my ownself.
- We ate chicken fingers, french fries, and split a large sprite. French fries - serious quality. Sprite - fine. Chicken fingers - not so hot - it was fake chicken, for sure. So, next time....I'll definitely get french fries, but probably will not do the chicken fingers again. They have fried pickles there, and ice cream, and all kinds of stuff, so I'll broaden my horizons and investigate something else.
- Landon caught a John Deere shirt for me. Now, I realize John Deere shirts are extremely accessible to us. But, it was exciting when a Gator sped around the field and people threw JD shirts out of it to the crowd. I always cheer for JD. Next time we'll have to catch the Gwinnett Braves shirt since that's one we actually really need so we could wear it to the games.
- The funniest part of the whole night (aside from some heckler kind of man that was hilarious and kept yelling...."You're boring"...."I'm falling asleep") was Chopper, the Gwinnett Braves mascot. That bro is funny.

He stood really close to us some of the time, and kids loved him. He carries around an aluminum trashcan with stuff in it - and the can lid on the underside says Get Loud. He lets kids bang on the tambourine thing he uses.
- I still will not do the chop (is that what it's even called?). I will never do the chop. I do not care if it is the Braves, either Atlanta Braves or Gwinnett Braves. I will never do it. I cannot. A deep hatred for FSU is inside me and I would never be disloyal to my own team. This is just FYI.
- There is a grassy hill area where you can get really cheap tickets and bring a blanket. I think this looks really fun.
- You cannot bring food into the game. I did not know this and had some cookie crumbs in a ziploc bag still in my purse...sort of right on top. When the man asked to check my purse, I opened it right up and let him. He said, "Just so you know, you might want to push your cookies a little further down in your purse," and then we went right in. I was like, OH, I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to bring them - HA. I would have stuffed them further down or left them in the car. He must've known not to ask a pregnant woman to throw away food. HA.
We had a great time at the game...even though they lost. I can see lots of memories being made there with Landon and James in years to come :) And me....sometimes...if there are concessions involved....and we sit higher up :)

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  1. Ha Bethany. Brandon has the same opinion as you on the tomohawk chop...WILL NOT do it...even for the Braves. Must be a die hard Gator thing.