Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Trip Home

We had a great trip home...but it seemed very fast. I took off work on Thursday and Friday. We slept late (until about 8:30 - yay!!!) on Thursday, then got up and packed, and took off. Leaving town is so much fun (I would give just about ANYTHING for us to go to St. Augustine for a week like we did last year or to New York like we did the December before - I think I've learned to value our vacations just a slight bit more since all this change happened). We ate at Coach n Four on Thursday night when we got into town. Now, I have said before that this is one of my favorite hometown (is that a word?) restaurants. I do think it's been hit or miss the last several times I've been home, but they were ON IT Thursday night for my petite filet. I took some pictures so I could show some about this restaurant. Here's the menu:
Here's a shot of the inside of the restaurant....we were in a side's not this yellow, but I had to turn the flash off so people didn't realize I was taking a picture.

Okay, one thing they always do here is put a HUGE dollop of butter on your potato. Like a crazy heart attack amount. Here's Landon's potato. Isn't this crazy????

Here's my dinner. I already ate my salad. You can see that they give you sherbet to clean your palate. It's at this point (when we get our food) that my mom always says she feels like we should pray again. My dinner below was delicious. My steak was really, really good. And, see the juice on the plate - that's the best part ever.
Everyone (except the other girls) thought it was dorky that I wanted a picture, but I just thought it was fun. Finally, Momma called in the waitress again so she could take our picture :)Here's a picture of all of us. Oh yeah, and Daddy wanted to hold up the bill he was about to pay for all of us in the picture...but he didn't :)
The rest of the trip was good - just flew by. We spent time with Landon's family on Friday evening, so that was good, too. Saturday morning Landon got up and went to Zach's baseball game. I slept a little later and then got up and hung out with everyone (but Krista since she was still asleep). Momma and I went upstairs and found my old books to see what I wanted to take for James. I am mixed about taking sentimental stuff because of what happened with the hurricane, so I wanted her to keep a few of the books, but I took most of the ones that were mine. I'm pretty excited about reading them to James :)
Landon and I were sitting on the couch last night, and James started moving around like crazy. Like it looked like an alien was in my stomach. I was like, "Landon, look, look!" We are more and more ready to meet him. But, we're happy to wait until he's even healthier and stronger! Last night was the second night in the last week I've gotten up to get a snack after I've gone to bed. I'm so hungry that I can't go to sleep because I feel like I'm starving. Usually I can ignore this feeling and just go to sleep, but it seems like lately that has not happened (recall dentist boy: going to bed hungry is the best feeling in the world). So, I got up last night and drank some milk and ate a Little Debbie Swiss cake roll (I know, not the healthiest snack). Last week I had cheese and crackers and some grapes, so that was at least better.
And, we are supposed to meet at Costco tonight for dinner. Oh my word, I really hope that goes better than the last time with that catheter situation....I will try not to think about it again.....yuck!

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