Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on James

Alright, I know it's been kind of a long time (or it seems like a long time to me) since I've posted an update of how I am growing. Let me just tell you - I AM GETTING BIGGER. I just entered Week 28 yesterday, which means I am now in the 3rd trimester. Here are my pictures I got Landon to take of me this morning before I left for work.

I do think with this dress on it's kind of hard to tell how big I actually am. I am feeling pretty good. I feel like that crazy tiredness I felt during the first trimester is coming back though. I am starting to feel like I could sleep anytime again. My back is hurting a lot more. And, although I am pretty hungry, if I eat too much - I feel DISGUSTING. Like for a long time. It feels like my stomach is just going to bust out - it's gross. Yesterday this happened to me. And it didn't go away all day until I went to bed last night. Here's what I ate yesterday (and this was a really heavy eating day for try not to judge, okay?)...
- Hardees sausage biscuit on the way to work and half of a small sprite (and don't even get me started on the fact that Hardees has the best sausage biscuit EVER even though people make fun of it. I know Bojangles is good....but really, Hardees is better. You know it must be since it has at least 200 more calories in the sausage biscuit).
- Cantaloupe for a snack
- Small salad and 2 slices of thin crust cheese pizza
- 1 small cupcake
- Wendy's small chili with cheese and a Wendy's baked potato
That's what I ate. And I was gross. Probably after lunch was when that was just too much. And I don't understand why the feeling doesn't go away then for a REALLY LONG TIME. I'm determined not to do this today. I had grits this morning for breakfast. No crazy sausage biscuits to start out with.
Okay. I also have some positive things to say. I am feeling James move a lot. I am feeling so much more of a connection with him as time passes. I can't wait to meet him (when it's time). He likes to stay on my left side for some reason. I try to tell him that he has plenty of room to get on the right too, but he likes the left side. The last couple of days he's been sticking something up in my ribs (I'm not sure what - I still can't tell what's what in there). Isn't it crazy to think there's a baby in there??? I'm getting more and more excited. I know it's harder for Landon to make all this connection since James is actually inside me, so I can't wait, too, for Landon to get to make the same connections - well, you know what I'm trying to say.
So, 12 weeks left. Wow. I go to the dr. this next Monday (04/19) and will do the gestational diabetes test and have another ultrasound. I'll keep you updated!

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