Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seriously....We're Having a Baby??

We were talking last night about how I'm 27 weeks now. In some ways, 27 weeks seems like not too far along - I still have 13 weeks left, right...and that's 3 months and 1 week...that's a LONG time....on the other mom had Krista and me a month early, so I know that can happen...and if you think about it that way...13 weeks is a short time. What if it was only 9 weeks? YIKES! It's too late for us to go anywhere on a fun trip together....I think...unless we go somewhere really close by, and then that makes me feel like I'm wasting our money if we could just as well be sleeping in our own beds. We are going home one more time toward the end of April, but other than that, looks like we're bedded down at home. As I have said numerous times, I think the gravity of all of this just continues to time draws nigh :) Last Thursday evening we took the maternity tour. Here's a picture of Northside Hospital, the hospital where James will be born (hopefully....if I can make it there and don't deliver him in bad traffic with a HERO unit on the side of I-85....).
From the time I moved to Atlanta, I knew that if we had a baby, I wanted to have it at Northside. I've heard so many people talk about what a great baby hospital it is. They said on the tour last week that this hospital delivers more babies per day than any other hospital in the US. They deliver 75-80 babies every single wonder it is called the Baby Factory! I even chose an OB/GYN because of which hospital he delivered at.
On to the details of the tour. There were only 3 couples (including us) on the tour, so that was really nice. It was very informative, but also pretty scary. I alternated back and forth between wanting to freak out and wanting to cry. Although some mixed in there was me being excited about what a good hospital I chose because it was even nicer than I would have thought :) Landon, meanwhile, felt there was not too much good information shared during the tour. He felt the most informative points were:
"Turn your flashers on when you drop your wife off"
"See here in the side of the TV (in the labor and delivery room) is a DVD player. You can bring your favorite movies to watch"...which is where he immediately whispered to me..."Don't worry B, we'll bring Lord of the Rings." HA - I HATE LORD OF THE RINGS.
I'm pretty much just teasing about Landon, because he's been GREAT and really supportive about nearly everything this whole crazy time. I know it's been hard for him, too, and I'm so thankful for such a good husband.
Anyway, back to the tour. We toured the drop off your wife while she's in labor area, how to check in, where they take you, and the labor and delivery room. They have like 45 labor and delivery rooms on one floor and 5 or so operating rooms right down the hall just in case. We were able to go into one of the rooms where you deliver your baby. First mistake: I did not sit down. The lady said, "Moms, you might want to sit down, we'll be in here for a while." The other "moms" sat down, but no, not me. I just stood there. Why? Why did I feel like I had to be strong and show I did not need to sit. I don't know, but it was stupid. By the time we left that room, especially with seeing traumatic thing like how the bed comes apart into a birthing chair and some talk about a squatting bar (never mention this to me again), I was SO SORRY I had not sat down...but by then...I felt like as soon as I sat down it'd be time to leave. I ask you, What did it matter if I sat? No one would have cared. I learned a lesson, and next time...I'll be the first one finding a seat. I think this was the main room that was the most traumatic - just the realization that James is coming out (which is good because I want to meet him....when it's time) and he's going to come out in a room like that, and they're going to take him over and put him in that cart, and I'm going to be doing goodness knows what while I'm in this room to get him out, and if he's not okay they have to roll him on the cart to the special care nursery....and why did that make me want to cry? It's like such a roller coaster of emotions - excitement, fear, anxiety, so much love for James already, fear....oh wait...I already said that one :)
Anyway, all in all, trauma or no trauma, I'm really glad we took the tour. It was so informative and helped us just be able to actually see everything with our own eyes.
We had a great weekend. We had Mandy and Shannon and Isabelle over for dinner on Friday night (after I was OFF ON FRIDAY!!!). Then, Eric and Kelli came to spend the night so they could help with the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It went really well, and Landon and Eric did an awesome job telling the Easter story to the kids. Easter Sunday was great too - Kevin and Karen came with their kids to worship with us and have lunch with us (Mexican on Easter) and we had a really great crowd at church and then no church Sunday night! I love church times, but you know, it's so great to have a break and just time to spend together. We went for a walk and just were able to hang out and relax together. It was really nice. This weekend I'm going on our church ladies' retreat up to North Carolina. Because of how crazy my commute is and all, I'm going to leave early Saturday morning to get there instead of coming in Friday afternoon.
BTW, I did get the AJC last Saturday at the Dollar and More, if you were wondering, so Ms. Debbie at Walgreens was correct. April, it definitely may be at WalMart. I'm not sure because I haven't checked that out yet. I was thankful to get the coupons though - I really like that paper.

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