Monday, April 19, 2010

Ladies Retreat

Last weekend (not this past weekend but the one before), I got to go on my first ladies retreat with the Bethabra ladies. Because of getting home so late from work, we thought it would be best for me to leave on Saturday morning, and that ended up being good for Leslie too, so I rode with her up to Lake Nantahala Saturday morning for us to meet the other ladies. Isn't this a beautiful house we stayed in??

This was on my bed when I arrived. My t-shirt, the cute pink bag with our book for the weekend and other fun stuff, and then my gift from my secret sister :)
This was my room. Because they were so kind to me....I was able to sleep in a twin bed (by myself!) that actually had a bathroom entrance!! :) Mrs. Sue, our church secretary, slept in the other bed beside me.
Here are some of the ladies chatting around the kitchen table...
More ladies....
This was a funny game we played where you got into teams and had a certain amount of time to blow up balloons and stick them on one person. My team didn't win...but we did come in 2nd!
Here's our group picture. Isn't this a GREAT group of ladies??
This is Jeanette and me :) Jeanette ended up being my secret sister, but I already thought it was her even before they told me - she is so creative, and I thought by the way my bag was done that it might be her. She has been so generous and really kind to me since we arrived - just really welcoming.

Okay, this is just showing that James was on the retreat.
Saturday night we had a beauty pageant. Kerry won and she was HILARIOUS.

I don't know much about this last picture because I had been asleep for a while at this point. I know they snuck outside and scared someone with this bear rug situation. I bet it was really funny...and maybe next year when I'm not so pregnant and tired I might be able to stay up for it :)

It was a great weekend!

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