Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Header of this Blog

Okay, so I think I'm somewhere in the middle of totally internet ignorance and being really savvy with the internet. I'm decent at doing stuff. I cannot figure out though how to do the header right on the blog. What I want it to say is:

Authentic Life
Life with Landon and Bethany

and then the picture below it.

Well, I cannot get that to work. It only gives me a choice of either removing the text from the header or leaving the text on top of the picture. Well, it doesn't look good on top of the picture. Then I tried to add a gadget - one of the gadgets is a picture. Well, I thought okay I'll leave the header with the words and then put the gadget picture. Nope. Won't work - the picture is really small, not like a header picture. Then, there was a gadget that was text only, so I typed in Authentic Life, yada yada inside that thing and tried to move it up above the header in the layout. Nope, you can't move anything above the header. I tried putting it under the header, but it looked stupid because it was a lot smaller. I know I'm smart enough to do this - I'm just not sure how to get it to work! I wish I could have someone design a blog for us where the pictures would rotate in the header, but uh, I don't want to pay any money for that. So...that leaves me where I am. Either a picture or words. NOT both. I'm going to leave the picture for now, but maybe I'll change my mind and put the words back up tomorrow :) If you know how to assist me with this and have time to be my personal tech support, let me know...

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  1. I really like the photo up top!! Its such a good picture of you both!