Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cat Fight

Imagine this with me...all of a sudden, I wake up out of a dead sleep.  I hear literal shrieking.  Something falling.  Immediately, I say to Landon, "Oh no!  I don't know what that was.  James just fell out of his bed!!!!!"  And the shrieking continues.  I click the monitor on and off by the bed but nothing happens.  Not just one "something" shrieking.  Two "something's" shrieking.  Sort of like when something very surreal is happening and time stands still.  Completely still.  And we're trying to shake off sleep enough to figure out if we are dreaming or if something crazy is really happening...meanwhile, the shrieking continues.  Next, I say, "Oh NO, it's the neighbor's children."  Our new neighbors have two little girls, and I was so afraid they had some way sleepwalked or something and gotten out of their house and were screaming in their backyard.  Landon takes off down the hall.  I stand at the set of french doors in our bedroom and watch what is about to unfold...whatever it may be.  And then, I see them.  Two cats - a yellow and a gray - coming toward me, standing by the baby gate that is cracked open enough for cats to get up on our porch.  They stand still for a few moments and act like they are going back toward our patio table.  Then, I move from the shadows inside and they run down the stairs.  However, the shrieking then resumes.  Landon says in a low, creepy voice standing on the back porch in his pajamas...sort of growling..."Get OUT of here." And then stomps on the floor a couple of times.  And, they were gone. 

We both go to the bathroom and get back in bed.  I am laughing and laughing.  We've had sort a rough last few days, and that was so crazy bizarro that it just made us laugh.  I said, "Where they really fighting??  Why were they making so much noise??"  Landon then assumes an English accent, and at 3:30 am proceeds to have a conversation with himself as though he is the both of the cats talking to each other...sitting in our porch chairs, having a spot of tea, and then getting in a fight.  This is when I know we don't have enough humor in our lives because it is so hilarious to me.  We both toss and turn for a while, and then finally get back to sleep. 

I don't appreciate any literal cat fights on my porch at 3:30 am, but I must say, that it was VERY funny and Father knew we needed something to laugh about!!  Hopefully no cat fights break out at church this morning...

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