Thursday, October 11, 2012

Over the Weekend

We had a good weekend this past weekend mixed in with some rough stuff.  I have waited long enough to blog that the rough stuff isn't bubbling over the top of my emotional cup, and I can actually recognize good things in life - ha.  Why do we let just a few bad things overshadow so many blessings sometimes?  I struggle with that immensely!  ANYWAY, Friday evening we kept Baby Addelyn, Finn's new sister.  We watched her just for a little while so that the rest of the family could go to one of Anna's football games and watch her in the band at halftime.  We loved having her, and James was so sweet to her.  When she arrived, he began offering her peanut butter pretzels, then he proceeded to shove his foot in her face playing "Foot Monster" with her, and then he wanted to give her some raisins.  He gave her lots of kisses, and for the most part was decently gentle. 
On Sunday night, the men at the church had a cornhole tournament.  So, Lacey had the greatest idea.  Several of our Sun. School class moms and kids got together, and we met a new friend of Lacey's - Heather.  We had fun playing on the playground, running on the field, and eating snacks together while the men were doing their "men" stuff. 
James & Ava :)

Since it had been a pretty rough end of the week, I was worried about our Sunday.  But, as we all know, Father knows exactly how much we can take.  And, He must have known our breaking point was close, because He helped our Sunday go extremely well.  Lacey and Gabe joined our church, and we were beyond excited about this new addition.  Here's James before church.
It sure is hard for me to understand the concept that God gives and takes away.  I'm singing the Newsong song in my head as I type that :)  He gives and takes away, He gives and takes away.  My heart will choose to say, "Lord, blessed be Your name."  Our hearts have definitely been challenged this past week as we've CHOSEN to say blessed is His name.  Yesterday and today have been great, and I'm praying the calmness will stay...

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