Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

It was a great weekend.  We bought some plants/pansies/trees for our house and worked on planting them this weekend.  Pictures to come soon...but not yet since trees are not planted yet.
On Saturday morning, we went to one of our favorite friend's 4th birthday party.  Finn!  Finn + Chuck E. Cheese are nearly an overwhelming combination of fun, but we made it!  James rode more of the rides than he ever has before.  He did great!

Jeanette always has the cutest ideas/favors, etc.  Here was James' goodie bag with a fire truck in it.
These last two pics are the funniest.  In this one below, James is terrified of the mechanical Chuck E. up on the stage.  You can see that Finn and Hailey are right at home up there, and although James refused to sit up on the stage with his friends, he is still torn and trying to be brave to stand there for the camera.  Bless his heart - what a mean momma that made him stand there to get a picture :)
Okay, so this last picture has caused some confusion in James' mind.  This is his favorite picture, because although he is afraid of Chuck E., he loves Chuck E.  We have looked at this picture for what feels like hours here at home.  He started asking me though why there were two Chuck E.'s in the picture, and I must agree.  When "real" Chuck E. comes out, don't you think they should pull the curtain around "mechanical" Chuck E.????  There are not two Chuck E.'s just like there are not two Santas.  Anyway, James has added Chuck E. to our prayer list at night and now prays, "Thank ee real Chuck E.  Thank ee mechanical Chuck E."  It is REALLY FUNNY.

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