Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gatlinburg - Day 2 - Having a Great Time!

I have GOT to finish what I started with these Gatlinburg posts, but this week has just been wild!  We've been home from Gatlinburg for several days now, and it feels like it must have been weeks ago that we were there.  After the hotel fiasco/nervous breakdown situation, things began running much more smoothly - thank goodness.   The conference was WONDERFUL - well, the parts I heard, anyway, and it was a blessing to spend so much time with the people we went with - well, a great blessing to us, perhaps not to them...ha.  Here's James in our hotel bedroom.  He loved the hotel.  We ate Wendy's on the floor like a picnic and he sat in bed and watching Chuggington - what a life.
Wednesday morning we went to eat pancakes at uh...I can't remember the name because there are a billion pancake places, but I thought it was hilarious that James wanted to put his own syrup on.  What a big boy!
Our group at the pancake place!
Well, minus MeMaw and Papa.  You can see I had to go over and get a picture with them.  When we first went in, and I was the first one to step in, I was the one who gave the count, and guess what, I gave it to them wrong.  So, MeMaw and Papa volunteered to sit by themselves at a table next to us.  I just have to say, that it is so great to be with people who just seem to love you for who you are.  It didn't matter that I gave the wrong number, they didn't mind to sit next to us at another table.  They just go with the flow and I sure do love them.  
Sitting in the rocking chairs outside the pancake restaurant.
View from inside the convention center.
At Bennett's BBQ waiting to place our order. 
Our group...this time someone gave the right number (not me), so we all sat at the same table :)
This is a funny raccoon thing that MeMaw let James play with.  James was obsessed with it, and wanted to take a picture of it, so here is James' picture of Rocky (named by MeMaw), the raccoon.
Ah, and Pastor Johnny.  It was exciting to see him - As always, more thankful than words can even begin to express for the way God has used him in our lives.  I will never, ever forget that terrible weekend when everything had just fallen apart and we were at his house.  I will never forget Landon going downstairs to talk to him and then Pastor sending Landon upstairs to get me.  We were a mess.  He was full of grace.  Always has been for us.  Really, really love him.  Serious business.
A great trip!! 

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