Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Great "GATOR" Day!

Wow! We just can't seem to get enough of the Gators this week (OH YEAH, after we were offered tickets to the game this weekend and CAN'T GO!!!)!! A few weeks ago we signed up to go to this special lunch program, sponsored by Sure Connexions, at the Fox Sports Grill where Danny Wuerffel would be speaking. I, of course, watched him while he played for our team back in the 90's, but have never seen or met him in person. Landon happened to be off today, so we bought tickets and went! Landon picked me up at work (along with co-worker/friend Malissa), and we headed down to Atlantic Station for the event. It was great! We were able to meet Danny - who was so kind to us! We have several things in common with him:
1. He grew up in Ft. Walton Beach, and we are from that area
2. He went to the University of Florida just like we (Landon and I) did...he played football there - obviously, we did not, but we love football there :)
3. He lived in New Orleans and lost his home in Katrina, just like us.
4. He moved to the Atlanta area and lives here now, just like us.
See, we're just like family or something!!

So, before the lunch started, we were able to go up and meet him. We talked with him about the things we have in common, and then Landon brought his big Gator head that hangs on the wall to talk to have him sign...
He was great! See how he signed it below! It says, "To Bethany and Landon - God Bless and Go Gators! Danny Wuerffel #7" He was so funny talking about Steve Spurrier - and doing his voice. And, telling such great stories.
We had a great long lunch today getting to hear him speak!

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