Friday, September 11, 2009

Only Gators Get Out Alive the last minute, someone offered us tickets to the Gator Game tomorrow, and we are going! The game is at noon, so we will probably have to leave at like 4am...yikes!! And, after the game, we will drive straight back to Atlanta so we can be here for Intimate Encounters Sunday morning. It's going to be a not so restful weekend...BUT WORTH IT. It's great to be a Florida Gator! There is nothing like that video they play at the beginning of the game where the gator is going in the water....and they say....ONLY GATORS GET OUT ALIVE...and then our team runs on the field. Whew! Gives me a shiver right now!

Here's our picture last year at Vanderbilt! It was COLD! I know it won't be cold tomorrow! And, this picture would be better if I had the camera on the right setting...

And, here's my picture with Alberta! I LOVE ALBERT AND ALBERTA - THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!! And, get this. This was at Vanderbilt, and we were waiting to go into the stadium, and all of a sudden (right after this picture happened), the police started telling people to get off the sidewalk. So, we're like, huh, what is happening? And then, here comes our BUS. And ALL OUR PLAYERS...AND COACH MEYER!!! I got to high five the Pouncey twins and Spikes (I think), and then TIM TEBOW!!!!! He had on a suit with a vest...and it didn't look like he was going to high five anyone, but don't you worry...I stuck my hand out into the very middle of the sidewalk and he high fived me! It was SO EXCITING! Vandy is a great place to go for our game (when it's away, obviously) because it's so small. It's kind of like being in an upgraded high school stadium. We are able to stand at the bottom of the stadium and yell at our players as they come out to practice and warm up. And, obviously we just happened to be standing on the sidewalk where random nobody's were all standing...not lined up 10 people deep waiting for the players to come into the stadium like it is at home. BRRR!!!!
We took this picture last year at the South Carolina game (I think it was the SC game because I remember us watching Steve Spurrier). My dad always gets 4 tickets to any UF game because of the radio station Wise Equipment advertises with. They are great seats because they are under an overhang - so if it rains, you don't get wet. We had a great time...and we ate at Sonny's before the game, so how could that not be a perfect time?
So, we're off in the early hours of dawn tomorrow. I know we're going to have a GREAT TIME!!

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