Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Way You Do the Things You Do

It's been kind of a rough week for us, so last night after church, while we were looking for a gift card we could not find anywhere (well, we could have found it at the actual store the gift card would have come from - but instead we were at Kroger and Publix since that store was further away and we were trying to get home!), Landon wanted to get something special to eat. We debated between McDonalds ice cream sundaes and getting a box of weight watcher's ice cream bars. We decided on the ice cream bars - then we had to choose which bars we were going to get.

Here is my favorite:

Here is Landon's favorite: (I don't know why this picture is smaller - it has nothing to do with it not being MY favorite)

So, we sort of compromise and decide to get the one with the oreo kind of stuff on the outside, but with vanilla ice cream on the inside. Okay, not my favorite, but I can live with it (especially with the vanilla ice cream choice inside). Well, Landon has this thing about not getting the first box of anything on the shelf. So, he begins digging in the freezer for a box behind this front box of bars. He cannot find another box. In his mind, he believes the boxes to the back are actually better quality - not everyone has touched the boxes in the back, they are colder if in the freezer section, etc. I believe this to be true, usually, but I will NOT explore the entire freezer section just looking for another box if the box I have seems to be decent and still sealed. We encountered this sort of thing when our Edy's ice cream started being made in a smaller container. For a while grocery stores had both sizes, and they were for the same price while they just got rid of the old bigger sizes. We would stand at the freezer, with the door open, so that Landon could dig through all the ice creams and try to find only 1/2 gallons of the ice cream, not the crazy smaller size they were now trying to cheat us with. That was an aside. Back to the weight watcher bars. So, he finds another box - ha - victory! Then, we are walking extremely fast to the self checkout so that we can hurry up so they don't melt. And, right after we walk away from the self it comes. Landon says, "Okay, open them up so we can eat one right now." YIKES. THIS IS BAD. This shows a big difference in our personalities - and is EXACTLY the same as the whole Krispy Kreme thing.

Here's my ideal moment of eating the ice cream bar....

We get home, and I go take a shower. I put on my pajamas and come downstairs. Meanwhile, the ice cream has been in the freezer getting cold and re-frozen from its short trip home. Then, I get the ice cream bar. I eat it, sitting on the couch, while enjoying one of my favorite tv shows. I don't have to rush to eat the ice cream...I just enjoy it...I don't have to worry about crumbs dropping everywhere or it melting too fast...I just enjoy it...ah...this is so relaxing...this is a good ending to my day...

Here's Landon's ideal moment of eating the ice cream bar...

Wow! I just got an ice cream bar from the store. I am leaving the store - oh my word, it is going to melt. Oh my word, I have to start tearing it open. Hurry! Hurry and get it open! I want it to taste great. Oh shoot! I forgot I don't have any napkins in the car. Oh shoot! I forgot it's kind of hard to drive with it! But, to me, it is worth it. The immediate gratification of the ice cream is worth it. I eat it in about 5 bites...and that's the just the way I like it! This was so worth it.

Telling what I think Landon must think reminds me of my daddy when I was little. I remember (and I bet he still does this) that he likes plain m&m's. I remember that if we all had m&m's, I would be eating mine one by one so they would last as long as possible. Dad would eat a whole bunch of his at once, though, and they would be gone in like two gulps! Do you think this is a man thing?

I did persuade Landon to wait and eat the bars when we got home last night. We were in the car, and I thought they would be messy, and we wouldn't be able to enjoy them as much. He is a good husband, because he let us do it the way I wanted :) .....and bars tasted deliciously that much better because of it...

For some reason, this makes me think about all my favorite kinds of ice cream. Hmmm....I will post again later with a list for you.

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