Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Pictures Update

Sorry for no pictures! My parents were here all weekend...and I carried my camera around all weekend..but I never took one picture! We had a great time with them. We went to Mary Mac's Friday night, then shopping and to MiMi's for lunch Saturday, watched the Gator game Saturday evening (which was SCARY with Tebow's concussion), and then churched on Sunday and ate at Sonny's (everyone knows Sundays aren't complete without eating at Sonny's or Cracker Barrel). And then...they went home. I'm so glad they came - it's so fun to see them, and they are always so generous and we get to eat out!! We did wedding stuff too - bought some glass shower blocks for decoration at Krista's reception....

And, Momma got a dress for the wedding. Exciting stuff.

Last night I tried to make some bread pudding. This went decently well, but not fantastic. It was pretty good. I used this recipe:
I really like bread pudding, but only when it tastes like caramel or chocolate, not when the flavor tastes like alcohol (not because I don't drink, but just because I don't like how it tastes). Landon had some when he got home, and he said it was good with ice cream.
Tonight we are going to see a play, The Woman in Black, at our favorite theater. We'll eat first at the Pizza Co. right around the corner. I'm excited about it...but it's so hard to do stuff on work nights! I am tired already and it's only Tuesday!

I also must update you about the cleaning. Remember how a few months ago I was sharing about Landon cleaning stuff up and how we were different. Well, he wanted me to make a list of everything I do in each room of the house. So, I did. He took that list and did something with it - I do not know what. But, I'll tell you this. That man has been cleaning the house. He has been swiffering, vacuuming, all kinds of cleaning! I am so thankful! Just wanted to update you on how my husband is meeting some of my needs.

Maybe I will have something more fun to share as the week goes on...probably not though.

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