Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Theatre

I feel like I'm holding a cup of tea in my hand with my pinky finger out while saying...."The Theatre." Tonight we are going to a play at the Marietta Square Theatre. This is one of our favorite places to see plays here, because it's a small theatre in such a cute downtown square. Usually we try to go to stuff like this on the weekend, but the prices are so much lower during the week that we decided to go for it tonight! I'm processing payroll today...and it's I'm trying to think about sitting outside of the Marietta Pizza Company tonight eating my pizza under an umbrella and feeling the breeze...with some of my favorite friends, Eric and Kelli...and Landon will be there of course (my serious favorite). This is getting me through the day today. We love to see the Sander's Family plays there (we've seen all 3 now!), we've seen a Sherlock Holmes play there, and I feel like something else...but maybe not. Tonight we are seeing The Savannah Disputation. Here's what it's about:
The Savannah Disputation
Disputes involving saintly matters can be wickedly funny, as this new work by Savannah playwright Smith proves. A perky evangelical encounters a priest and two Catholic sisters. Her attempts to convert them to her style of Christianity have hilarious results.
Looks great to me! My friend, Bonnie, went to see it and said it was really funny. I will be TIRED tomorrow, but hey, it'll be Friday, and I'll make it! One more thing before I was running yesterday afternoon, and guess what?? He had a dog situation. HA - sort of like mine, remember? Remember when the dog would not leave me and was running beside me and I was trying to yell at the cars driving by, "THIS IS NOT EVEN MY DOG!" And the dog was running out into the traffic. Well, I can't give details for Landon's encounter yesterday since it didn't happen to me (and I don't remember enough about it), but I can tell you this. The encounter was with a pit bull-looking puppy and the dog sounded really sweet. Landon finally lost him by going around to the other side of a fence and then climbing over the barbed wire fence where the dog was stuck on the other side. It also involved sticks and pine cones and moments of yelling, "Get on outta heya!" (Steph, that one's for you, your granddaddy, and Ruby...oh wait...that's "Ruby, Get over there in yo bed!")...anyway, back to reality....if, and that's a big "if" I get through the day with no nervous breakdowns...I'll let you know how the play goes! And, I just started the 4th Harry Potter book!

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