Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Fear We Are in for a Wild Hurricane

...sort of. The words titling this post are from one of my very favorite books as a child, Ms Twiggly's Tree. They're having a wild hurricane in the book and she invites bears and all kinds of animals to "batten down the hatches" with her and ride out the storm. It's been some excitement around here. It's been raining for days...but so what? It's nice to get some rain once in a while. BUT...yesterday, after lunch, Landon emailed me and asked what we were doing at my work - because they were sending their people home. Creeks and rivers everywhere were flooding. At first it seemed like no one at my work was concerned - well, except for me, that is, since I am really triggered by any words like "voluntary evacuation" or "rivers cresting" or "roads are impassable"...for some silly reason...like...once upon a time we...LOST OUR HOME IN A FLOOD! So, whether or not I was overreacting yesterday, I'm not sure. I just know I needed to get home, to my house, to Landon, and be there. They did let us go, and after going through some crazy water at some points on the road, 2 accidents, and a very short detour, we made it home. But, I knew when I dropped off Mariana (carpool) that the water under the bridges looked CRAZY high. Isn't it bizarre that we were in a total drought last year and this year we're having a flood? So...this morning, I waited until 7am to leave for work - so that I could leave in the light. Well...all my ways were blocked. So...I turned around and came on back home. I think the water will start receding this morning because most everything crested last night and this morning. It really does look like some people's homes are flooded. Some of the interstates have been shut down - it's crazy! And, all I have to say is this. More rain is supposedly coming - but not as bad as they anticipated at first....but...here it is...MY PARENTS ARE COMING THIS WEEKEND, AND THEY BETTER BE ABLE TO GET HERE BECAUSE I AM EXCITED!!!!! I was planning a trip to Stone Mt....but I don't know...all this water....probably not! Here are some pictures I found on the AJC website.

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