Monday, September 14, 2009

We Survived!

The Gators really showed up on Saturday! We left our house at 4:30am to get to G'ville for the game. Although I went to school at UF and went to all the home games while I was there, I had never been at a game where it rained before. It started raining ONE time, and I left! was pretty obvious that rain was in store for Saturday afternoon. We made it through the first few minutes of the game just fine with a few sprinkles, but then, it began to rain harder. We had ponchos and put them on. I am not a huge fan of ponchos. I had to wear the gray one because the orange one clashes with my hair - Landon wore the orange. First of all, why is the head hole so small? And, I think a really good poncho would incorporate a visor into it. Because once I had it on, I could not move my head at all so that the rain wouldn't hit me in the face. You know how I don't like for my face to get wet. Finally, at half time, it started getting better, and we took off our ponchos. Landon's dad happened to be at the game with a family friend of theirs, so we went to eat at Sonny's afterward. Sonny's is good food. We used to have one in my hometown, until they shut it down and made it a Great China Buffet with huge dragon columns as you drive into the parking lot. Sad. Great China Buffet should NEVER trump Sonny' fact, I can't think of a place that would (except maybe Cracker Barrel). ANYWAY, back to the trip...we left Lake City after eating at Sonny's and got home about 11:30pm. We did stop once on the way home at a DQ. I had been thinking about DQ for a while because they keep showing these dip cones on commercials. So...Landon, who doesn't even like DQ, stopped there for me. Well, it was a big disappointment. They do not even compare in the least to a Costco ice cream bar. Ridiculous. I was sorry we wasted the time, money, and especially, calories. We were EXHAUSTED when we got home - well, Landon more so than me. Here are some pictures from the day:

People always ask if there are actual alligators, you know, real ones, on campus. Well, yes, my friends, yes, there are. Take a look here and see for yourself.
I wanted to show you my shoes because they're super cute. These are the switch flops I got from my parents for Christmas last year. I put my Gator ones on and was good to go. Sorry you have to look at my feet to see them - I didn't think about just taking a picture of my shoes.

And, here's the usual picture of Landon and me at the game! You couldn't see, but I had on a really great sparkle gator bracelet!

Oh yes, and finally, this doesn't have anything to do with the game, but I think it's funny. We brought numerous things to do for the car ride like study our Intimate Encounters lesson and read. We brought Harry Potter along for the ride so I could read it aloud to us. I guess because it was rainy, it just got dark so much earlier than we expected. I wanted to read it so badly though! We tried turning the reading lights on in the car...but those jokers were WAY too bright! It was crazy!! We have got to remember to put a book light in the car for trips! So...I got the bright idea to try to use the GPS like a book light. Here's what it looked like below:
You can barely make out the book, itself. It was crazy and did not work. I read like 4 pages with it like this and then had to say - forget it!
And, finally, I really wanted to post this video we took of the beginning of the game. So...I decided to create a Shutterfly share site so that maybe somehow I could link the video to the blog. I'm still not sure if I can do that, but here's the link to our new share site:
Oh my word! I am so excited - look I made the video work...ooohhh...this is opening up a whole new door for me. The sad thing is that I realized that I could have been posting videos the whole time - posting the videos have nothing to do with our share site. And, this is my FAVORITE part of the game...two bits and ONLY GATORS GET OUT ALIVE!!!! I'll be posting more videos soon since I've learned how now!

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  1. We were at the game! We have season tickets (thanks to my Grandmother). Call us next time.