Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Mountain Man is Home

I wanted to put this first picture up last week before Landon left on his trip, but then he reminded me that I need to be careful what I put up here on the blog...and I didn't really want who knows who (not that a bunch of people read my little blog...) to know Landon is out of town and come and get me in the night! So...Landon left for his trip last Thursday and got home late on Saturday night. He had a really good trip - they had 26 people accept Jesus as their Savior. He went on a mission trip with a hunting theme - ministering to the men of West Virginia. So...I cracked up when I saw the shirt he had to wear for the trip - it was crazy camouflage. So, when I wanted to take his picture with the mission trip shirt on, he wanted me to take it down in the basement with his gun and beside the deer. It cracked me up so much - I think this picture is crazy, but I also think it's pretty funny. So...this one is at home before he left...he is a mountain man ready to go...or...a killer on the loose (he looks pretty crazy in this picture :) )

And then, I was trying to pick out a couple pictures from his trip...but I just wasn't sure. So...maybe he'll edit this post and help me out...here's a picture of just the scenery. Oh, and they were in Welch and Iaeger. They were about 6 miles from Gary.
Here's a picture of First Baptist Church of...I can't remember, but probably of either Welch or Iaeger.
He had a good time, but I was glad for him to be home! There was not good cell phone reception up there, so our phone calls were mostly like this:
B: Hello?
L: Hello? Can you hear me?
B: Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
L: Can you year me?
B: OOOH...I can hear you! How are you?
L: Hello?
B: Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
(then multiply these first 7 lines about 5 times)
Finally, even though we missed each other, we were just about mad at each other from all the frustration of just trying to talk.
My mom's family is from West Virginia - I think close to Gary - and they go up every year to stay for a few weeks and go to a reunion. Landon said he'd really like to go see that area and to go again with family when he wasn't like "on a mission". I did learn from his trip what in the world a "holler" is.
Also, did you know that Mothman Prophecies (you know, the movie) was filmed in West Virginia and is supposedly a true story? Landon says when we go up there again he is dead set on going to that Mothman place. That movie is the first movie we saw together - while we were actually with other friends - it was our very first "set up" "get to know you" not really "date". The point to all this is that Landon went on a mission trip to West Virginia, he had a good time, and now he's home - and I'm glad...and we're glad the Gators WON!

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